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    I am going through my mother’s and my grandmother’s things and have many beautiful fur coats that they wore many decades ago. Are there any consignment shops who will sell fur? Any suggestions for what to do with them? The suggestions on BPN are very old and am looking for more up to date suggestions. Thanks!

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    vintage mercy on piedmont Ave, right by the movie theater sell vintage furs. 

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    I had the same issue recently with some of my mother's old furs. Unfortunately, they're. It in high demand in the Bay Area (especially now that the weather is getting warmer, but mainly because fur just isn't popular anymore) - I called a few consignment stores and couldn't find anyone willing to take them. I ended up donating them to PETA, which uses them for protests or donates them to the homeless/people in Afghanistan & other countries that are cold & impacted by war. Good luck!

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    It might be worth the cost to ship them to a NY consignment shop. New Yorkers aren't so judgemental about fur, and the seasons there demand warm coats.

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Selling fur coats

Dec 2005

My mother has a full-length black mink coat in mint condition purchased from Neiman-Marcus and received as a gift. She wants to sell it somewhere. I've tried eBay unsuccessfully. Is there a consignment store in the Bay Area that would sell high-end items such as fur coats? Obviously, it's a politcally incorrect item, but we think it would be better to ''recycle'' a fur coat than destroy it. Berkeley mother

The Designer Consigner in SF might take it as might Goodbyes. Both have stores on Sacramento Street in Presidio Heights and The Designer Consigner also has a downtown store on Sutter between Powell and Mason. You might get more money from The Designer Consigner, if they take it. Anon

May 2004

We've inherited two fur coats from our mom, who died recently. They're in very good condition, and we'd like to sell them - besides ebay, does anyone know of a place we could do this? I'm thinking of some kind of high-end resale shop, but am not familiar with any. thanks

I have some fur coats as well. I recently inquired at some local antique stores in Castro Valley about selling them there & they told me the demand for fur coats is low, and he can't get much for them anymore. A better thing to do is to donate them to PETA. I emailed them, and you can get a tax write off for them. I have the email if anyone is interested in this. I haven't donated mine yet only because I have to mail them to Virginia but it's on my list to do. Tasha