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  • How to find a preschool in San Francisco

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    My daughter is currently 14 months and I was told that I should start looking for preschool. We live in south side of the city and I wonder if other parents have any recommendation on how to start the search? Do I have to look for preschool only in the city or I can look in Daly City, South SF, or other nearby cities? I'm open to either public or private and I am hoping I can find a centralized website with all preschools available and narrow down my searches. Any recommendation is welcome. Thank you.

    I'd start with I am not 100% sure that they list every single preschool, but it is very comprehensive. Good luck!!!

  • Hi, I have a 4yo and am looking to move to the Mission Bay area and was hoping to get some recommendations for good preschools. I am open to schools located in Mission Bay, Potrero Hill and Dogpatch areas. Thank you in advance!

    We really liked LePort Montessori on Fell St. It isn't in Mission Bay (it is downtown), but the commute there and back from Mission Bay was very easy by car or muni. We felt like our child really blossomed at LePort and learned a ton. The transition to elementary school was super easy too. 

  • Some friends are visiting from Germany for the month of November and they're hoping to find a fun place for their 2 year old to socialize without them for a few days each week. Does anyone know of an awesome daycare or preschool that would accept a 2 year old for just 1 month? They'll be staying with us in our home on Treasure Island but can travel to Oakland/Berkeley/El Cerrito/San Francisco.

    Maybe my wonderful daycare provider in Oakland will do it, but I am not sure she has a spot fort 5 days a week, most probably she has 2 or 3 days available. Contact her at appasquel [at]

  • I am a SAHM who has been homeschooling preschool to my daughter. Now that she is 3, I would like to get her into a part time preschool outside of home for 2 days a week. And then next year get her in 5 days part time. She has a late birthday so she'll be in TK which I believe will be full time 5 days. We just recently moved from East Bay into San Francisco. If anyone knows of any preschools that offer part time in the SF area that are on this side of the bridge (such as Daly City/Colma) please shoot me ideas!! Thanks in advance!

    This doesn't exactly mesh with your two day and then five day plan. However, The Preschool (on San Jose Avenue between 23rd and 24th Streets--very accessible to BART) operates from 8am to noon Monday through Thursday, for a total of sixteen hours a week. I believe that there is one fall opening at this point, but I would contact Lynn to inquire. My daughter attends The Preschool, and I can't recommend it more strongly. Really, it's a lovely place.

    Try Silver Spot Co-op in Brisbane. It was much cheaper than options in the city, and it's a quick ten-minute drive from Bernal Heights. Of course, it's a co-op so that's the catch, you have to volunteer some time there, but I found it enjoyable and comforting. 

    I don't know anything about options in Daly City - you should prob join Nextdoor if you want hyperlocal recs - but I also like One in a Million Childcare in Noe Valley.