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  • Pediatrician at UCSF East Bay

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    Hi, We just moved from SF to Berkeley. Does anyone have a pediatrician they love at one of UCSF’s East Bay locations?  We would really like to stay within the UCSF system if possible.  Happy to drive for a great pediatrician (though under 30 minutes from West Berkeley would be preferable).


    We have been very happy with Berkeley Pediatrics, who are in the UCSF system. They use MyChart and everything, so all your children's info will transfer over. My son sees Dr. Woods and my daughter sees Dr. So. They both have great bedside manners and take the time to explain thoroughly. Welcome to Berkeley!

    Berkeley Pediatrics uses UCSF's online portal, and we've really enjoyed our time there (not sure if that counts as one of UCSF's locations). We use Dr. Nicole Learned, but whenever we've had to have a sick visit with one of the other doctors, we've been happy too.