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Need personalized mail collection (am a expat live overseas) Mar 31, 2019 (4 responses below)
Looking for a place that makes wooden signs Mar 13, 2019 (1 responses below)
  • Hi I live overseas most of the year.  I need someone trustworthy and reliable to receive my mail. Most of it will be ads, but sometimes it will be important, like a renewal notice from the dmv or a check, so there will be a personalized element to this too as they'll need to go through things to see what might be important.

    Regular mail collection places seem quite impersonal, some I know even scan the mail but I am looking more for a replacement for a relative who currently does a wonderful job but is sadly moving into a skilled living facility.  I also looked into small bookkeeping offices but didn't see a good fit. It's more like a combo of mail collection and sometimes some errand running. It would be great for anyone who is retired or at home, who is responsible and trustworthy.  All my friends are already over loaded in their jobs/family so I don't want to burden them. 

    Does anyone know anyone who does such a thing? Or something similar who may be interested?  Someone's retired school teacher aunt or maybe a reliable errand person who could receive mail, or someone home on maternity leave?

    I don't know of individuals who offer this service, but, UPS Stores have boxes for rent and will cull your mail of flyers and junk then send you the rest, at designated times or whenever you contact them. You can also receive packages from any carrier there and they will hold them for you. You'd have to change your mailing address, however, so that could be a pain in the neck.

    I've had several years of fantastic experience with Jamie of Herding Cats Concierge. She handles a ton of "administrativa" for individuals and small businesses on an as-needed basis. For me, she records, scans and files a lot of sensitive information -  both personal and business (I'm self-employed). Including snail mail. Her website is

    location is important when trying to fill a part -time position. Where is the job?

  • Hello,

    i was wondering if anyone can suggest a business or a person that can make wooden etched storefront signs. I am opening a business and I am interested in getting a wooden sign. I was wondering if anyone knows a good place locally.

    Thank you in Advance 

    I have had Steve from Berkeley Signs,, make many signs for my place of work. He's always delivered beautiful work on time. I recommend Berkeley Signs!