Seeking a Daycare or Preschool in Emeryville

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  • My husband and I both work full-time. While our offices have been accommodating by allowing us to work from home some of the time (we're currently alternating MWF/TH home/in-office), this isn't sustainable for either of us. We're on the waiting list for ECDC but it's unlikely they'll have an opening until this fall when they move their classes.

    We really need help finding a place for our currently 10-week-old daughter by mid-May (when she'll be 4 months). Can anyone provide guidance? While we'd prefer a center, we're willing to consider in-home with references. We are both monolingual and do not have strong preferences for foreign language immersion education. I'm a fan of Montessori methods as I grew up with it, but it's not a requirement. We live in Emeryville so we'd prefer something in the Emeryville/Oakland area, but would consider Berkeley or something further south (San Leandro, etc.) if necessary.

    Really we are just looking for a safe, friendly space for our infant to stay while we're at work! Ideal hours would be 8am to 6pm but we can work something out.

    Hi there!  Yes very frustrating.  You could try St. John's in berkeley (College and Garber) - they have great teachers, hours and community.  They are open from 7:30-6 and you can have your kid their until they graduate to K.  You can call them at 519-549-9342 but very likely a long waiting list.  My infant is their now.  And my eldest is in the preschool room.

    Also try Aquatic Park School in berkeley again for the hours, but also limited spots (6 infants only).

    Hope that helps.