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  • Scorpions?

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    We found two scorpions in our house. We live on the Berkeley hills. The first one was rather large, about 2 inches, and the second, found more than a month later, was less than an inch. Does anyone have experience with scorpions? I’d like to know how serious this situation can get. Recommendation for a good exterminator is also appreciated. We are expecting a baby and to be honest, having a baby crawling among scorpions was not on my list of things I expected to worry about. Thanks in advance for any advice. 

    I think there is no need to kill the wildlife. It doesn't even work very well because they hide where pesticides can't reach. And I am sure any scorpion will want to keep a good distgance away from a baby that could crush it. Wildlife is a part of living in the Berkeley Hills. You may encounter deer, wasps, bees, spiders, etc. A scorpion sting is no worse than a bee sting. Are you going to try to kill all the bees? No! There is no need. Here is more info about scorpions. You may want to take steps to exclude them from your home.

    They make good pets. Maybe you could cage them and watch them and learn to love them.

    UC Davis has really thorough information about household pests on its website.  They have a page for every kind of home invader critter, and here is the one for scorpions:

    This page will tell you that the dangerous scorpions in California are only found in the desert areas. The kind we have around here have a mild bite. They get into your house through cracks and loose-fitting doors and windows, so you want to make sure your house is well sealed. There is a lot of info on that page about how to manage them.  Apparently pesticides are not very effective.

    Good luck!