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Afterschool care for Washington Kindergartener

July 2005

I am a mom whose son is set to start kindergarten this fall at Washington Elementary in San Leandro. I work outside the home, and Washington does not have on-site before or aftercare for kindergarteners. So, I need a local childcare provider who will pick up from Washington. I've done some research (asking at the school, getting referrals from 4Cs, etc.), but I can't seem to find anything. Anyone have any recommendations or ideas? Frustrated Mom in San Leandro

Child care options in San Leandro are slim. We've been fortunate because our son goes to Roosevelt and has been at the Davis St Center there since kindergarten (he's going into 4th) It has been up and down but is a great option because it is on site, they have a dedicated staff and they are inexpensive.

I have heard great things about the Shefield Village program and I believe they pick children up from Roosevelt and Washington. Also, check for family home day care through 4Cs or the San Leandro Children & Youth Collaborative (http:/ / tell them that there are limited after-care options in San Leandro) or the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce. Another option is to find out who your child's classmates are and see if any of them are doing a family day care or willing to do child care. And finally bug the school admin to get a Davis St on site center at Washington! Good luck! Dawn

Have you tried St. James Schools (located in the church directly behind Rite-Aid)? The address is 993 Estudillo and phone number is 510.895.0489. I see their van around town and I think they serve Washington, Roosevelt, and Assumption schools. Also, FYI, this might be grounds for you to ask for an interdistrict transfer to one of the other schools in town with on-site daycare for next year. HL