Interdistrict Transfers between Public School Districts

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Can my child go to a school where I work?

Jan 2013

Hello, I was wondering if my child could attend a school in the city where I work instead of the city where I live. I have heard of this happening, however I cannot find any information online about it. Thank you very much!

The Allen Bill allows children to attend school in the district where their parent works. However it is not guaranteed -- the new district and the home district must both approve the transfer. Here is the law:

Yes, your child can go to school where you work. However, you have to be released from the school district where you live. They will give you a form called an inter-district transfer which after filling has to be approved by your school district superintendent. Of course, you have to have a valid reason e.g. having no-one to pick up your child in your home district, etc. Then the school district where you work can accept you if they have a place for you or deny you.

In my case, we live in San Leandro and I work in Berkeley, where my son goes to school. Back in 2008, San Leandro District approved our request to transfer to Berkeley district. BUSD denied us a place. I had to appeal to Alameda Board of Education to fight BUSD's position. It was a very challenging thing. I did it all by myself and was very emotional when I was addressing the Board during their meeting but I won. My son has been in Berkeley public school and I never regretted my decision to pursue it.

During the process of appealing to the Alameda Board of Education to overrule the BUSD decision, I met a very caring person who was the families liaison(adviser), Jan, appointed by the Board. She was of tremendous help to me and my family and made a very difficult process much easier. In fact, without her would have been a different story. She was with me at the meeting when I spoke to the Board. So I wasn't alone, she was beside me all the way.

If you need any further info the BPN moderator can give you my contact info.

Good luck to you.


Earlier Advice

Aug 2000


Under the Allen Bill (CA state law), you can send your kids to school in the district where you work IF they have room. You need to go to the Oakland district office and apply for an interdistrict transfer. You may not find out from Berkeley if they have room till after school starts.

It's simple. For the Berkeley side, call the BUSD attendance office and they will advise you. On the Oakland side, go to the attendance office at Portable 15 at the administrative offices downtown. Bring proof of your employment in Berkeley and fill out the form. It's usually done in January or February of the year before enrollment.