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After school care in Hayward Unified?

August 2014

Hi, all. My son will be starting kindergarten at Stonebrae Elementary in few weeks, and we were not one of the lucky 10 (!) who got into the on-site YEP after school program. What do I do now??

Kindergarten at Hayward Unified is only half a day. I do not want him to go to a family daycare for 6 hours every day afterwards because he does not need to be around babies. Is there a place in Hayward like YCMA after school care, or JCC, where there's a variety of structured activities daily? Please help!! Jenny

Oh, Jenny, I'm so sorry about your predicament. That's a really tough situation to be in. I have not heard about the type of program that you are looking for in Hayward. Hopefully, you will get some useful responses. If not, you may have to settle for home-based daycare for one year. It will be easier to get your son into YEP in first grade. There are several home-based daycares that pick up at school and that people like. Also, there is a Facebook group entitled ''HUSD Community Group.'' You might want to pose your question there. -Mom of Stonebrae alum

Oct 2012

I just saw a note slamming Hayward public schools and need to point out we have great public charter schools that attract families from all over the Bay. Schools are what you make them and much of the learning is started in the home. If there was a safe and free public charter school, would you consider Hayward? Golden Oak Montessori is a FREE public charter school located in Hayward between CSU East Bay and Mission Blvd. Our school was started in 2009 and has achieved API of 830 in 2011 -- the top of the HUSD district. Grades 7-8 were added in 2012, and we are starting a petition to our school board to add a public charter high school. This is a great school where kids learn core principles in addition to the standard 3 R's such as Time Management, Self-Direction, Cooperative Learning/Mentoring. The kids stay with the same teacher for grades 1-3 or 4-6 or 7-8 which lessens the anxiety and ''fitting in'' issues, much more like being part of a neighborhood. For parents moving to the area, Hayward has great value on houses in the hills, but gets slammed for poor performing schools despite the great scores of Golden Oak, Leadership Public School and Impact Academy (Science and Technology) because people either dont know about them or think they are private elitist schools and they don't show on the district website. These are PUBLIC charters, PUBLIC funded schools, FREE to any student in the district as well as some in bordering districts (San Lorenzo, Castro Valley, San Leandro, Union City) although preference in the lottery system is given to residents of the HUSD and siblings of current students. We have brought families back into HUSD district that had opted for home-schooling or private schools. Check us out and sign our petition for Silver Oak High School/Public Charter Montessori School! goldenoakmontessori.org Go Info [info [at] goldenoakmontessori.org] Steve


We may be moving to Hayward - how are the schools?

April 2012


There is a big chance that we will be moving to Castro Valley/Hayward in the next year or so. My husband flips houses and he got an awesome property that is in a beutiful location with lots of place for my 6 young kids to run around. This place is my dream place - exactly what I want for my family. But there is one major problem - the house is on the border of Castro Valley and Hayward and so it belongs to the Hayward school district. We currently live in Alameda and I really like the schools we have here and am very scared to bring my kids to Hayward schools. I was wondering if there is a way to get my kids into Castro Valley school district and if yes, how do I do it? We have 6 kids - adopted 5 of them, and we certainly don't have enough money to send them to private schools. But I am very very scared to send them to the schools in Hayward, because I was reading up on them, and they don't look good at all. Any help, advise would be greatly appreciated. I know that they choose schools based on where you live, but I am wondering if there is a way to get them into the school oustide of where we live. concerned mom of 6

Hi there, I am in your shoes exactly. I live within CV boundaries (south of 580) but allotted to the Hayward USD. I have spoken to other parents who are equally concerned, because no matter how you defend Hayward, the school API scores speak for themselves - and they are consistently and abysmally low. Most are in the 1-3 range. Golden Oak Montessori, a public Montessori charter, is the only one up there with a score of 6. Just a six, mind you.

And don't get me started on Hayward High....

Alternatives to the standard HUSD fare are charter schools, most especially the aforementioned Golden Oak, sending the kiddos to the local Catholic school, Our Lady of Grace, or an inter-district transfer to a CVUSD school. The transfer request is contingent on availability, as well as your children's maintenance of a grade point average c or above and ''good'' behavior.

Both Strobridge and Fairview Elementary, which would likely be your elem. schools, are raking, er, ranking at the bottom with a score of 1. Here is a link to state API scores: http://school-ratings.com/school_details/01611926062160.html not so hot on hayward schools


Thinking of moving to Hayward

March 2010


Hi! I am thinking of moving to Hayward and was wondering if anyone has advice on elementary schools? Thank you! joelle

My daughters attended elementary school in Hayward and had a good experience. There are two schools, both in the Hayward hills that are good academically and also are wonderful in terms of diversity and parent involvement. Those schools are East Avenue and Stonebridge Elementary. Jeanne

Jan 2009

Re: Reviews of San Leandro schools?
My son went to Moreau Catholic in Hayward, and of all the private schools in the area, they have one of the best reps for academic excellence. He said he skated thru his 1st yr. in college with A's because of the excellent prep at Moreau. Those are just 2 suggestions for schools based upon each of my children's needs and interests. Above all, whatever your choice, if you can become involved with the school/teachers, you will find grateful educators that will help your child in a new environment. Good luck! candy