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June 2012

Does anyone have experience with the Expeditionary Learning model in elementary school or middle school? My son got a lottery space in a charter school using this teaching/learning model, and we are wondering if we should switch from our neighborhood public. Current school is pretty good but doesn't do anything to address high achievers/gifted. Also I am frustrated with the inertia, especially from the principal, and the refusal to look honestly at what works and what could be improved. However, again school is OK, has many but not all good teachers, facility is much superior to the charter, and we walk to school. However, local public middle school sucks from what I've heard and charter goes through 8th, so I'm taking that into consideration too. So, I really want to know if the Expeditionary model is superior -- superior enough to justify the change. Curious how those with experience feel, especially if you have bright kids (moderately gifted, not profoundly). on the fence

Here is a list of schools using EL: http://elschools.org/about-us/school-network?order=field_state_value=asc

The two Oakland schools using it are Manzanita Seed & Melrose Leadership Academy . My son is at MLA & this is the first year they implemented EL. He loves the expeditions they have done so far and has been very engaged with the process. We are looking forward to what they do with EL for next year.