Pleasant Hill Public Schools

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Sequoia Elementary School in Pleasant Hill

Nov 2010

Hi am looking for some information about Sequoia Elementary. I have learned that it is a great school and very academic, but in general do your children feel stressed attending the school? How much time does your child spend time on homework (Grades 1-2)? and how is the after school care or enrichment program in the school? Thanks. sml

My daughter is a 3rd grader at Sequoia Elementary. We have had a good experience there so far, although 2nd grade was a bit of a challenge. Her 2nd grade teacher had higher expectations of her students than the other 2nd grade teachers and the homework was sometimes a bit overwhelming. That said, the school has a dedicated staff who strive to make sure our kids get a great education. In addition, the wonderful parent participation also makes for a well-oiled machine. We are very happy there. sequoia mom

How are the schools in Pleasant Hill?

Oct 2008

Hi- We are considering moving to Pleasant Hill. We are basically priced out of Walnut Creek (our first choice) and are now looking at PH but admittedly know zippo about the area. Are the schools pretty good? We have a 5 year old and would like to get settled for the long haul (no more moves) but I am hesitant to go the Mount Diablo Unified route. Any insight? our parents had it easier

Strandwood and Valhalla Elementary schools are both distinguished schools and each are rated 10 test score wise. Both of those areas are more expensive areas because of that. Pleasant hill Elem and Gregory Garden Elem are also great schools (a 9 and a 8!!) I know children that recently go to all of these schools and they are all thriving. I know there are some schools to stay away from in this district, I'm not sure of there names. anon

Hi there, We live in Pleasant Hill and our children go to Sequioa Elementary, which is a great school! You used to have to sign your children up for the school at age 3 just to make it through the wait list by Kindergarten. I believe now they have a lottery system. Pleasant Hill Elemenatry is also a great school. The middle schools are fine also, however high school in the Mt. Diablo School District is an issue. The schools are very overcrowded and do not have the best reputation. We are priced out of the Walnut Creek district also, and will probably have to go the private school route by the time our kids are in high school. Pleasant Hill is a great city to live in though, and we are here for the long haul. Good luck! -Pleasant Hill mom

I cannot speak for all schools in Pleasant Hill, but we have a kindergartener at Strandwood Elem. in Pleasant Hill and it is an amazing school. It is a CA distinguished school and ranks 10/10 in test scores. Check it out on I truly believe Strandwood is a hidden gem in Contra Costa county, a ton of parental involvement, dedicated teachers, a wonderful neighborhood feel. Many children walk to school. We couldn't be happier. I can't imagine it being any better even in Walnut Creek. Strandwood parent