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Moving from Fremont to Dublin

Feb 2014

Hi all, We are moving in August from Fremont to Dublin and moving our 6 year old daughter from a academically challenging private school in Fremont to second grade in a public elementary school in Dublin-we'll be going to Kolb Elementary in Dublin. Both my husband and I grew up outside the US so have no experience of the public school system. We would really appreciate advice about:

- Managing the transition from the private school, which had a curriculum that was a grade advanced than public school curriculum. My daughter likes being challenged and is very curious. How do I ensure she remains motivated and excited by academics in her new school?

- How can I make make the transition easier for her socially? She is not happy about leaving her friends behind in Fremont. What can I do as a parent to help her fit in socially in the new school?

- We are moving to a new community so the neighbors there will all be new to the area as well. I'm fairly introverted and shy and don't make friends easily. I have a small group of friends where I live now. I don't think we'll be meeting up much when we move to Dublin. Any advice for how I can begin to build a social connection in Dublin in the new community would be very appreciated.

Thanks! Moving blues mama

Hello- Kolb Elementary School has a 9 out of 10 rating on greatschools.org and has excellent reviews from parents. I live in San Ramon which is right next to Dublin. The Kolb school is good and does challenge students but also the school is as good as what parents put into it. My daughter is a middle school GATE student and has been challenged by the differentiation in the classroom in San Ramon. Joy