K-12 Parent Co-op & Teacher Co-op Schools

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Pros & Cons of Cooperatives

Dec 2003

To parents thinking about sending their child to a school that is a teacher cooperative (like Walden and Berkwood-Hedge for instance) or a parent coop (like Crestmont). Others have pointed out the advantages of these alternative structures, but there can also be disadvantages. One can be that if you have a serious disagreement or conflict with your child's teacher it may be very difficult to figure out who to speak with after you have tried and failed in working with the teacher directly. Such difficulties are often hard to resolve by talking with other teachers (the peers of the teacher in question). Lindsay

The parent commenting on the potential disadvantages of communication and conflict resolution when dealing with teacher cooperatives has a good point, but mistakenly lumps Berkwood Hedge in this category.... (see Berkwood Hedge for the rest of this message.)