Home Visits in the BUSD

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March 2007

What do they do in a ''home visit''?

Hi there, We just moved to a new house and when I went to the school office to find out why my son hadn't gotten his school assignment (they went out Friday), I was told that everyone who had moved within the city of Berkeley to a new school district had to have a ''home visit'' before their assignment could take place. I am wondering what does this ''home visit'' include, how much time it takes? what kind of questions should we expect, who should be at home? Any ideas? Thanks so much for sharing mom

I am pretty sure that the ''home visit'' is a brand new thing in Berkeley. So, sorry I can't give you any insights, but please let us all know, here on BPN, how it went and what they wanted to know and what sort of paperwork you needed to do by when. It I were you, I'd look at any materials you received previously and see where the ''home visit'' was refered to. Then I'd ask for any written info they have on it. Make sure you get your paperwork done by any deadlines, get copies of your paperwork and follow up with the office to make sure they do their next steps. Always be professional, polite and straightforward in your dealings with them. They are likely to be unserstandibly uncertain if this is indeed a new process. A little patience mixed with your persistence could go a long way. a BUSD Mom

We had an unannounced home visit about 3 years ago when we had a friend of my son's living at our house and attending Berkeley High. We were not at home when they visited, so they left a card, and that's how we knew about the visit. The card said we were supposed to call, but it got lost in the chaos of our house, and nothing happened after that. I assume these visits are to try to make sure that kids who say they live in Berkeley, really do. Berkeley High was very overcrowded at the time so I guess they were trying to enforce the district rules. Mom of teens