Class Size in BUSD

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Current class size K-3 in BUSD?

Aug 2012

Hello Berkeley Parents, I was unable to find info online about current class sizes in Berkeley Schools. If you have up-to-date info, like if you went to the kindergarten info nights, would you please share what the typical class size is expected to be for K, 1, 2 and 3? Thank you! Jessica

My son will be entering 3rd grade at Washington Elementary in Berkeley this fall, and his classes so far (since K) have always had about 20 kids in them. Never more than 21. Andi

Thanks in large part to Berkeley voters and the passage of school parcel taxes - Berkeley public schools are still maintaining an average of 20 students per classroom for Kindergarten through 3rd grades. Karen Hemphill, School Board Director

Class sizes for all kindergarten to third grade classrooms in Berkeley public schools are 1:20. You can contact any elementary campus and talk with the Principal to get confirmation. If you want more information about class sizes, you can look up Berkeley Schools Excellence Program (BSEP) on the Berkeley Unified School District website. Class sizes remain consistently low due in part to the earlier passage of Measure A in Berkeley (Thanks Berkeley taxpayers and voters) and of course because of those hard working Principals, Teachers and staff in Berkeley schools. Good luck! Parent of two children in Berkeley Schools

I just wanted to add to the responses I saw to BUSD class sizes. I think it's important to remember that it is an average (not sure exactly how calculated- across zone, or district, or stratified in some way...?). Our son's kindergarten class had 22 kids at the end of the year. I still really appreciate the Berkeley's support of parcel taxes, because I think without that the number would be considerably higher. And his teacher was fantastic with handling her class. But just in case you were expecting a strict 20 student cap, it doesn't seem to work that way. anon