Baywood Learning Centers


Private School
15 students
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Oakland, CA
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Alternative school, Homeschool program, Independent study
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  • May 2021: Baywood Learning Centers is operating an unlicensed program for children under 5 years, so BPN does not accept reviews of this school. For more information, see Unlicensed Outdoor Programs for Preschoolers

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Oct 2008
Re: Middle school for bright active shy boy
I have a right 10 year old and i have him in a most amazing school. the school is Baywood learning centre call the head, her name is grace and she can talk to you about bright, shy little ones. you can tell her that josefa rec you to the school. josefa

May 2008

My child is GATE identified and not thriving in their current public school environment. I have heard of the Baywood School in Oakland for gifted children but there isn't much on the BPN archives. Any thought? Pros ,Cons. Do you have a child who wasn't flourishing in their old school who transferred to Baywood and is now doing well? Gifted curious

Dear Gifted Curious, I think it is wonderful that you are considering making positive change for your child. Our child attended Baywood school, but later in the school year I decided to withdraw our child from the program. It was a difficult choice. The Baywood campus is beautiful, and there are some wonderful qualities about the program. What did not work for me was that Baywood offers a very loose and unstructured curriculum, where children essentially can do what they desire throughout the school day. There is a new teacher now, so things might be different, but previously, the teacher offered minimal instruction and children were free to roam. If your child thrives better with some structure, like for instance, a set lunch time, or if your child needs guidance in particular academic areas but would be reluctant to request help on his/her own, or if your child needs guidance with social interactions, I would strongly suggest you seriously think over your decision, and ask a lot of questions from both staff and parents regarding any particular needs of your child before enrolling your child. If your child is an independent learner, and is fairly mature regarding taking care of him/herself socially and academically, then Baywood might be an excellent choice. Also consider that the school is new and parent involvement (a big time commitment) is essential. Good luck with your decision! Anon