Gifted Programs in Alameda

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Feb 2008

My highly energetic, extroverted, 2nd grade son has always been very bright and has tended to misbehave when bored. He is having significant behavior problems this year -- not motivated, acting out, other ''bored'' behaviors -- and I am thinking he may possibly be gifted -- early, advanced reader, strong math, etc. But I've learned that GATE testing doesn't happen until mid-yr of 3rd grade and no special program is offered until 4th grade. I'm afraid he'll lose interest in learning or become a terrible behavior problem by then. In initial discussions with his teacher and principal, the focus has been almost 100% on the behavior problems without addressing the intellectual boredom. I'm wondering if any other parents with children in Alameda public schools have run into similar challenges and what has worked for you. Thanks. Frustrated and worried mother

There are no gifted programs in the Alameda public schools. In fourth and fifth grade the students are taught a differentiated curriculum which includes a lot of open ended assignments. Unmotivated children do not take advantage of open ended work and do poor work.

You might provide additional enrichment for your son. Enroll in courses at Chabot or Lawrence Hall of Science. Try contacting Cal for math workshops, etc. If he is energetic and extroverted, keep him as busy as possible.

It is dangerous to blame misbehavior on boredom. Being bored is no excuse for being selfish or unkind with your actions. anon