Water Polo & Swimming at Berkeley High

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Water polo or swim team for freshman

Feb 2012

Thinking ahead here. My son will be entering 9th grade at Berkeley HS in Fall 2012 and is interested in playing water polo (fall) and swimming (spring) at BHS. I hear that both teams have early morning practices--6 a.m.? Does the early morning practice time conflict with ''zero period'', if he wants to also participate in band?

Also, when in August does BHS hold their team tryouts? We need to plan our summer vacation trip so he'll be back in time.

I don't have much information about either the water polo or swim teams at BHS, so if any parents/BHS students can comment about the experience with either team, that would also be helpful. Thanks. -Soon-to-be BHS parent

For information on berkeley high music contact karen wells for band and mary dougherty for orchestra, although they work together closely. The band and orch schedule may be changing a nd band may move from zero period(before school) to first period.

Regarding timing of boys waterpolo and boys swimming next year, contact the athletic director or Mary who helps staff the athletics office to see whenractice might be. Be persistent pr stop by after school as i am not sure of athletic department offic hours. Perhaps you can chat with swimming coach while there.

Also, your kid may want to take zero period science lab one day a week for biology. Not always discussed in schedule review at 8th grade sessions, but a good idea to sign up for.

Your future freshman will likely have a wonderful time next year with sports and music and will love Berkeley High. All the best. BUSd parent