Volleyball at Berkeley High

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How competitive is girl's volleyball at Berkeley High?

August 2010

Hi, My daughter is just starting at BHS and interested in volleyball. We know date for tryouts but know nothing about the degree of skill /experience required. How competitive is it to get in? Anybody know? Anybody doing practice games over next few weeks. Thanks

BHS Girls Volleyball is competitive but my daughter who played volleyball at BHS for four years says the most important quality for a player to have is ''coachability.'' I suppose that means if your daughter is athletic, has a strong desire to learn and improve her skills she may not necessarily need to have a lot of volleyball experience. Many of the girls who play on all three volleyball teams have had at least some experience through volleyball camps and/or club volleyball teams or playing at their middle school prior to entering BHS.

If your daughter really wants to play and doesn't make it on the team this Fall I would encourage her to try out for a club team in the late Fall so she can play the Spring club season (January to May). She can also go to volleyball camp next summer and try out again next year. Go Yellow Jackets!