Pep Band at BHS

Jan 2000

If you currently have or in Fall 2000 will have a BHS student musician, I'd like you to know about the BHS Pep Band - a small three-year-old student group (after school club) that has a great time performing fun music for sporting and community events, enjoys the benefit of being part of a small student group - finding a niche at the school.

The Pep Band is a group of friendly kids who enjoy making music together and having a good time in the process. The kids share administrative responsibilities within the group under the direction of Karen Wells, orchestra teacher extraordinaire, and a three primary adult volunteers (Rick and Marla Faszholz and Wendy Morrison). Karen just joined the Pep Band this year. Rick, Marla and Wendy have been supporters of the band since it's inception three years ago (revived after having been cut from the music program after the late '70's.

If your son or daughter plays a musical instrument and would like to play in a casual, friendly environment, please encourage them to check us out in the Fall. This music group has many kids are in the orchestra, one is in the jazz ensemble, others are in neither but want to continue their music involvement.

Because 95% of the band are graduating seniors, they could not only have fun being a part of this group, but they could also do a great service to the high school - be part of the continuum of this aspect of campus life. Don't forget that your involvement as parents will be an important factor - and a gratifying one. Rick, Marla and Wendy can attest to that . As a matter of fact, please call Rick or Marla at 525-5789 if you'd like to hear more, If your son or daughter would be interested in attending a rehearsal, if your son or daughter would be interested in talking to one of the kids, or if you'd like to come to a game and see the group in action.

It's a great way to have some fun, do something worthwhile, find a niche at a big high school, get in free to the sporting events. As a matter of fact, this group has been invited to Japan to the Wasshoi 2000 worldwide music festival this summer - you just never know what will happen next!"