Friends of the BHS English Department

March 14, 2000

NEW! Parents Organize to Support the BHS English Department

Join Friends of the BHS English Department

  • Want to improve the experience of every student at BHS?
  • Want to feel more a part of the BHS community?
  • Want to improve computer access for all students?
  • Want to guarantee more feedback on student writing?

Here is an opportunity just for you!

At a recent Back to School Night, parents asked the faculty of the English Department to identify ways that parents could support the vital work of this BHS department. The English Department serves every single student at Berkeley High School, so when you support the English Department you are serving the entire BHS community.

Read the list below and contact the committee chair listed to sign up for a committee. Several committees still need leaders. Think about sharing responsibility with a friend.

Faculty has committed to participating on each of these committees so you need not feel you are on your own. Please volunteer to give whatever time you have (no amount is too little). Some of this work can be done before or after school, some during, and some evenings.

1. Facilities--Contact Person: Cathy C

Faculty has suffered major losses in the recent fires. Help restore the use of the teacher workroom space, faculty computer facilities, and the English book room. Furniture, bookshelves, refrigerator, microwave and furnishings to provide a place to meet and work are urgently needed. Donations of working computers (any that will run word processing software) and related equipment, especially a copier and a scanner would make the work of this faculty easier. The Facilities Committee of the Friends of the BHS English Department created the following wish list of needs and wants.

  Dictionaries Encyclopedias Novels for sustained silent reading Supplies:  overhead transparencies Framed posters & artwork Refrigerator Microwave Coffee machine Bookshelves (any size!) Computers, printers (P.C. or MAC) Couch Copy machines Comfy chairs and tables Fans Overhead projector screens VCRs Monitors/TVs TV Carts or book carts Cabinets Fax machine Bulletin boards Binding machine Help with pick up and delivery of these items 

2. Clerical-Contact Barbara C

This committee needs an organizer/contact person. Assist the Department Chair with book orders, testing and other materials; provide copy room support to teachers.

3. Technology-Contact Barbara C

This committee needs an organizer/contact person. Assist with website development, computer software/hardware training and support for faculty, developing and maintaining an online curriculum bank. Help make sure the English Department can take full advantage of the newly developing computer facilities at BHS.

4. Political Advocacy-Contact Barbara C

This committee needs an organizer/contact person. Research and pursue avenues to address English Department concerns such as class load.

5. Fundraising Contact Barbara C

This committee needs an organizer/contact person. Assist with identifying sources for grants and with grant writing, soliciting financial support for donation of equipment and materials such as books, supplies, equipment. We also discussed the possibility of applying for a grant to fund stipends for BHS students who can help with technology development over the summer and possibly computer lab assistance during the school day (with parent supervision).

6. Classroom assistance-Contact Wendy B

The English faculty wants your help with important jobs you can do during school, after school, and evenings. Faculty is planning to train parents to read and annotate student writing. If you have talents in this area, identify yourself and help students get more feedback on their writing. Or work directly with students under the direction of faculty. Parents are needed both during class time and before and after school and lunch. Students need adult supervision to use the computer lab during class, first period (7:50 AM), during lunch (11:30 AM) and during 8th period (2:20 PM). You can make the world of computer editing and word processing more available to students who do not have a computer at home simply by supervising the computer lab. You won't be alone, there is support from a technician, but one person cannot make the lab fully accessible to English students. There is both a Mac lab and an IBM lab. A training and organization meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 21 at 7:30PM in room C224. 

7. Leadership/Communication -Contact Samuela E

Organize and communicate with teachers and other parent volunteers via e-tree, phone, PTSA newsletter about English Department events, committee needs etc.