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Tutor for AP Biology Class

Oct 2013

My daughter is a good student, but really struggling with her AP Biology course at Berkeley High school. I'm thinking that she may benefit from a tutor. Does anyone have recommendations for a good tutor for this course? Any idea how much they would charge? I've searched previous postings, but there aren't many recommendations for this particular course. It would also be helpful to hear from other parents of students who have taken this course. Is there anything else you would recommend other than getting a tutor? Thanks in advance for your support and recommendations. BH mom

Ugh! That AP Biology class! We suffered through that a couple of years ago. It covers an overwhelming amount of information and requires students to really step up their studying skills. We used a tutor from Achieve Learning (on Grand in Oakland) paying $45/hour for a tutor who would come to our house. That tutor is no longer there but they might have someone else who can tutor this subject.

We have also liked the Bay Area Tutoring Center in Berkeley (not for AP Bio, for geometry and pre-calculus but I know they tutor AP Bio), for which we paid $55/hour but we had to go to Berkeley.

I pushed my daughter (to no avail) to join a study group or get a study buddy which was recommended by her teacher; I think it definitely helps to study this with others. We also got her a supplemental study guide and she watched videos on the Khan Academy site.

With all of this (plus some study help from me) she managed to improve her grade but it was definitely an uphill battle. Glad to have AP Bio in the rearview

June 1999

OK, I'll second the recommendation of Alex Panasenko for biology. I had him some (sigh) 28 years ago and when I went to see him at last year's back to school night he was still the same feisty, funny, irreverent, caring, & tough teacher I remember shepherding my brothers & me through his class. I've now convinced my not-so-great-student son to take him this next year for Advanced Biology because I believe that Mr. Panasenko will keep him amused, challenged and motivated, and that I'll hear from Mr. Panasenko just as my mother did if my son starts screwing up like I did. I credit Mr. Panasenko with being a major factor in my graduating from Berkeley High at times when there were an awful lot of far more interesting distractions than high school in Berkeley. While my son's not at the risk I was of not graduating, I'm convinced Mr. Panasenko will help him work to a higher level.