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  • I'm one of the volunteer directors of a service that provides free or low cost mental health services to birth mothers in adoption and we train other therapists to have this expertise.  To date this has just been a volunteer effort but now we have enough momentum and support to incorporate and create a non profit but don't know who to turn to for the consultation we need for this next step.  We are ready to get an EIN and have questions about how to set ourselves up regarding liability etc.  Does anyone have any ideas about who we might consult?  Thanks for all ideas. 


    How great that you are setting this up! You might want to contact the New Business Community Law Clinic. They are affiliated with UC Berkeley and can help you set up your business, a tax exempt organization, provide legal info on basically anything that is related to setting up a business (trademark, capital, you name it). And best of all, it is free of charge: