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August 2006

Re: Christian Church with a Bible focus
I can relate to your interest in finding a Bible-based group that doesn't ignore each other after Sunday. I am a member of the Temescal congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses on Racine at 59th St. in North Oakland. It is a wonderful congregation that I just love (and I have been to several different churches and JW congregations throughout the country). Very friendly and social, and very knowledgeable about the Bible. There is no back-biting and everyone is genuine and loving. Obviously, you can attend a service on your own, but feel free to contact me if you would like to visit the congregation with me. Best wishes! Denise

As one of Jehovah's Witnesses myself I can tell you that the Bible and it's use is the entire focus at the meetings. During the Bible discussions the congregation is encouraged to look up and follow along in their own copy of the Bible as scriptures are being read. For example during Sunday meetings there is a talk based on a scriptural theme. A recent one was ''How to Express Love in a Lawless World,'' a verse by verse talk of how we can apply 1 Corinthians chapter 13 in our own lives then a Bible based discussion with audience participation- recent topic was about serving God in your youth. A Bible aid was used which cited over 65 different scriptures. There are also other Bible study groups that meet during the week. Jehovah's Witnesses associate with one another a great deal not only at the meetings but we like to get to know one another and encourage one another. We are fairly new to our congregation and just this week we were invited out to lunch by a few we hadn't gotten to know that well. The congregation just recently organized a ''family day'' for the fall and we were just at a kid's party thrown for the kids in the congregation. I'm also glad to know Jehovah's Witnesses are the same all over the world that no matter where I go I would be as welcome as I would be in my own congregation. My husband and I are big travelers and I can tell you that no matter where we were in the world we were greeted with open arms.

I hope that gives you some idea about Jehovah's Witnesses and answers some of your questions. If you have others feel free to contact me. cassie