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    Siddha Yoga Ashram

    Oct 2008

    I'm interested in learning more about Siddha Yoga as I've been feeling for a couple of years that something is ''missing'' in my life. What is missing is a sense of my spiritual self, and I'd like to take the first step, but I really don't know where to begin. I feel a little silly just walking into the ashram and saying, ''hey, can I join in?'' Does anyone have any advise as to where to start? If you're involved in Siddha Yoga, what have you gained from it? Thanks! anon

    Hi Anon, I've been a part of the siddha yoga ashram, both on a daily basis, and as a ''from time to time'' person for 30 years. Ouch! I feel old on that one! I believe that the teachings are profound, and deepen with time. It is important to know that there is both the more social aspect, which has a value, and there is the practice of the teachings, which is why I am a part of this path. There have been so many changes in my life because of this path. In terms of my sense of self, my relationship to the world, and an utter sense of peace. The teachings are why you would go. The chanting and the meditation deepen your understanding of yourself and your awareness of god( as you choose to define that). This path opens the heart. But it's not an easy path! It is full of sweetness though.

    There are introductory evenings. Just call the ashram and they can tell you when the next couple of them are being held. Go, and see how it feels for YOU. You will find a path that works for you. If not this one, there will be one that is just perfect for your heart. Just start. You'll find it! Best wishes... it's been wonderful for my life

    Family-friendly temple or meditation group?


    Does anyone know of an East Bay Hindu-based Temple or meditation group that is family-friendly (excluding the Siddha Yoga Meditation Ashram)? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Ann

    There are several in the bay area- the biggest one that I know is the one in Livermore. There is also a small one in Fremont. There is also a Hindu Jain temple in Milpitas and a sikh gurdwara in Fremont. Im not sure what you mean by 'family-based', though. Hindu temples generally are all family based- i.e. people of all ages go there. V