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Baptism Outfit for 8 mos boy in SF

Oct 2006

We're having our son baptised in SF next month - but having difficulty finding an appropriate white outfit for him to wear. What is appropriate today for baby to wear - and any suggestions in the Oakland/Berkeley/San Francisco areas to find an appropriate outfit? Thank you

I'm sure you will find tons of adorable baptism outfits in the Mission district. Depending on how big and how mobile your 8-month-old boy is, you could go with either the very traditional baptism gown, or a more gender-specific pants and shirt outfit. If you want to go in a different direction--Euro-elegant and expensive--check out Claude Vell in Berkeley for to-die-for French linen outfits. There's also tons of stuff online.

Cotton and Company in Rockridge, Oakland has a selection of christening gowns. Buy a good quality garment, and it can be used for generations within a family

For a great selection of infant baptismal clothes, why not try the latino neighborhoods? I am often in the Fruitvale District of Oakland, and found my daughter's first communion dress at Rodriguez Clothing at 3900 International Blvd. (tel. 510-533- 5161), a couple of blocks south of Fruitvale. The had some lovely hand-stitched garments, different than the other shops. You might also try the Mission District in S.F., or Richmond for baptismal clothing. ---Buena Suerte! ---Juanita

We went the traditional route and my mother-in-law sewed a gown for our son's baptism a month ago. I did see baptismal outfits (for boys) at Babies R Us and also at Nordstrom. The boys outfits resemble a ''mini tuxedo'' that is white and in a satin material. Some of them have little crosses on the fabric too. GB

You might want to try POSH BABAN ( for a Christening outfit (and gifts). Laura

I think I saw options at Janie & Jack in Walnut Creek; it's a chain so they may be elsewhere in the area too. When my son was baptised this year at age 1 he wore dressy street clothes (Gap chinos) but we draped him in a crocheted white blanket that had swaddled his dad at his (infant) baptism 40-odd years ago. Nicole R.