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Our family wants to built a sukkah this year. I wonder what other people have used for branches. Most of my garden is too young to harvest the necessary quantity of green material. Of course, I can scavange branches--what are some other solutions? Claire

We have been using 8 tall bamboo garden poles we got at a nursery some years back. Stand one each at the four conrers in one of the holes of two stacked cinderblocks, and use the other four to form the frame at the top. You can use extra poles if you want a sturdier frame. We lash the poles together with twine or raffa. We scavenge bamboo fronds from various friends (who wish all their bamboo would disappear) but at other times have used strands of vines like ivy, trumpet vine or wisteria, which are plrentiful and we know will grow back fast. We only use a few to get the feeling of the roof, and the rest is decorated with homemade stuff dangling down. The best part of this frame is that it takes about an hour to put up - itdisassembles eaily, and stacks in a corner of the garage without taking up much space. Have Fun! Renee

At our synagogue, Temple Beth Hillel in Richmond, we use whatever people bring from their gardens. I've used any kind of tree branches,...evergreens always work well, weeping kind of branches work well. Strands of ivy, jasmine, honeysuckle, they all have very strong stems. You're welcome to come to my house and trim branches off of my trees. (really!!!) Have fun. June

Find out when yard recycling is in your neighborhood. This time of year everyone is out pruning and I'm willing to bet that by Sunday evening you'll have many things to scavange from. One year I tookmy older son and a wheelbarrow and we went thieving in the middle of the night. Of course, it'll all get to the city's yard waste recycling program eventually as you'll be putting it in your own bin a week later. Neighbors and friends may be doing some pruning so ask around. Sophie