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    I’m getting a divorce and I need to go through the process of also getting a Jewish divorce. My ex has spoken to suggested rabbis (our rabbi refers out).

    So, I am looking for:

    1) Someone who can make it an egalitarian ceremony (we both leave, not that I am “realeased” by my husband.

    2) Someone who is not price gouging. 

    3) Not orthodox. Really, really not.

    Any suggestions?

    RE: Getting a get ()

    I'm not sure that rabbis who aren't orthodox do "gets" as it is only a thing in the orthodox community.

    You could try contacting "Jewish Gateways" https://www.jewishgateways.org/contact and see if Rabbi Wynne has any thoughts on this.

    RE: Getting a get ()

    Agree with the previous poster. This is something Orthodox rabbis do, and if you have a problem with Orthodox Jews, I guess you're outta luck. Really, really out. 

    RE: Getting a get ()

    The previous poster who said you’re outta luck unless you go Orthodox doesn’t seem to understand what it is you’re looking for. Contact the Board of Rabbis of Northern California: norcalrabbis.org

    Good Luck!