Preschools for Vegetarian Children

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Nov 2005

Does anyone know of a vegetarian preschool or a preschool that teaches vegetarian values? Our son is currently in a regular day-care, but is starting to ask more and more for what the other children are eating.

Any other suggestions from vegetarian parents about how they helped their toddlers to understand why they are vegetarian would be great. Veggie Family

Butterfly Garden Preschool in El Cerrito serves a healthy, vegetarian snack and hot lunch every day! The teachers prepare thoughtful and nutritious meals daily, with attention to variety and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Jan 2003

I've recently started to look into preschools for my vegetarian daughter. I've read in the archives about the New School in Berkeley (they have organic, vegetarian food), but that preschool is too far from our house. I'm looking for a preschool in Oakland that either serves only vegetarian food or is veggie-friendly. I live close to highway 13 and am looking at preschools in or near Rockridge, Montclair, Glenview, Lincoln and Redwood Heights. If any parents of vegetarian preschoolers have any recommendations or ideas, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks! Veggie Mom

Recommended: Bernice and Joe's Playschool