Non-Violent Communication Approach

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August 2010

I understand that there are schools out there based on on the philosophy of Non-violent Communication. As I have been studying it through BayNVC for the last couple of years, I would love to find out if a school exists in the Bay Area. My daughter is only 10 months, so I won't be enrolling her anywhere for several years but I would just like to know if such schools exist here. I haven't been able to find any online, so I thought I'd ask the BPN community! Shauna

The Renaissance School in Oakland is probably the closest thing you'll find to a school using something like NVC with regards to communication skills. They follow a program called Redirecting Children's Behavior and both staff and parents take the course. It's not a perfect place (expensive, top-heavy in administration, classroom teachers turn-over every few years) but it has an AWESOME art program, a solid music program, and the elementary classrooms include teachers who speak Spanish, French and English.

We have looked at other schools, but can't find one that offers the arts in a real way, exposes kids to languages in everyday settings, AND holds to the belief that kids (and adults) can work out their problems respectfully. Good Luck, anonymous

hi there, you definitely want to check out happy together preschool. it is a truly wonderful and thoughtful program based on principles of nonviolent communication and offering so much for children's play, exploration, and development. the directors are really amazing and genuine people. their website is shoshana

You might want to look into Narnia Preschool in the Oakland Redwood Heights area. They are very small, they only have about a dozen students, but they go all out in their efforts of teaching the children. Most importantly to us, they do not allow bullying behavior, e.g. hitting or kicking, among the kids. Last year, we had to go through four (!) different preschools to find one where our strong willed yet highly sensitive toddler felt safe. I couldn't believe at what behavior teachers (and other parents) look the other way! Our son was afraid to go to school on a daily basis, we had to go with him every single day -- and teachers would tell us they let the four-year-olds work things out themselves. However, that changed when we started him at Narnia. He feels safe and nurtured there and he is thriving. They have a music teacher and they do wonderful artwork. They have a backyard area with nice shady trees, all the usual toys and structures, and even a couple rabbits. We are so happy we found them! Their director, ZeZe Cole, can be reached at 510.482.9614 or narniaph [at] Good Luck!