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Nov 2007

My child and I are new to the area and she will be starting preschool in the fall. As I was recently involved in a messy divorce from an abusive man, I would like her to be exposed to positive male role models. I'm looking for a preschool with caring, attentive male teachers but have not found any so far. Do they exist?
Thank you!
confused parent

Step One in Berkeley has multiple WONDERFUL male teachers. Four of the 5 classrooms have a male teacher, and one classroom has 2 men. As a group they are exceptionally caring and gentle. Two of the three male teachers my children have had are literally among the best people I've ever met (I really like the third one too!). The down side is that if you aren't already on their waiting list it will be hard to get in for next year. Still get yourself on the list. If your child can spend any time at Step One, it would be worth switching preschools in the future. anon

There is one male teacher at Claremont Day Nursery in Kensington . His name is Robert and my daughter was in his class last year. He's been there for a loooooong time, and he's wonderful--warm, calm, fatherly (or grandfatherly). He does creative art projects with the kids every day, which my daughter loved. Go meet him. heidi

Try Claremont Day Nursery at the Circle (off of Colusa) in Kensington. Robert has been teaching there since his now grown children attended Claremont. My daughter went there from age 2 until she aged-out---I think 6 years old. Simone runs the Kensington Clarement and the kids (and parents) love her. Try Claremont

Welcome to the area! Aquatic Park School (APS) has several male teachers. Men are in the minority on the staff, but that is true of every preschool I've seen. All the teachers, male and female, are excellent - caring and professional. There is a waiting list, but sometimes there are unexpected openings. Also, I think there used to be, or is still, a scholarship fund for children of single parents. Best of luck with your decision. Happy APS parent

At my son's preschool, the JCC of the East Bay preschool, we have two male teachers who have been here for multiple years and are both amazing, sensitive guys. One teaches in the 3-4 classroom (Kitah Bet) and another teaches in the 4-5 classroom (kitah gimel dalet). The 2-3 classroom has two wonderful female teachers. The school welcomes those of all faiths, but does celebrate the songs and culture of the Jewish people. It's a great, fun place for kids. Hope you consider us! You can contact the JCC at, but if you want to apply or do a preschool tour, email and call the director, Karen Cagan, to make sure you get through. her info is on the site. happy parent

Applegarden Montessori in Montclair has a male teacher in the afternoon class. Dennis changed professions to become a preschool teacher and it shows that this is what he wants to do. tmc

my daughter went to Growing Light Montessori in Kensington. there are two wonderful male teachers-- Jason in the toddler room & Nobu in the primary class. they are kind, fun, silly & gentle men who truly love children. there are also 2 male subs. Virginia

Hi, Beacon Day School has a great preschool (they call it early childhood program). The long-time director is male and one of the three teachers is male. They are both lovely, kind men and would fit the bill. My son is in the elementary school and has had male teachers two of his three years, and I am very happy about that. They have been excellent role models for him and are great people. The only downside is that I believe the preschool is full time only, but it still might be worth checking out. Beacon emphasizes a very safe, family-like, nurturing atmosphere so that might be helpful to your daughter as well. Good luck to you and your daughter. mom

Step One in the Berkeley hills prides itself on having at least one male teacher in each classroom. It's one of the (many) things I have loved about this school, which my son has attended for 2 yrs. It's a popular choice, however, and can be hard to get a space, especially if you are not looking for full time. happy Step One parent

Try Aquatic Park Preschool (APS) in West Berkeley. It has traditionally had a number of terrific men on staff and is a great place. (My daughter is now in first grade, but was there age 1-5, and goes back occasionally even still when OUSD has a day off). APS typically has long wait lists, so I'd check it out ASAP. Also, the school has lots of outdoor time and is a good place for spirited kids. Former APS mom

I can highly recommend Step One in the Berkeley Hills. Every classroom has at least 1 male teacher, and they are all fantastic! The co-director is a man,too, as are some of the regular substitutes and administrative staff. It's also just a great school overall! dawn

Claremont Day Nursery in Kensington has Teacher Robert, a very sweet man who would be a great male role model for your daughter. He 'teaches' the 4 year old class, but the whole school is together often enough that all kids get to know all teachers regardless of age. This was certainly an added bonus for me when I enrolled my son. CDN mom

I'm sorry to hear about your divorce. You did not mention in your post the area where you are looking for a preschool or the age of your child. If you're near Berkeley, you might try Mi Escuelita (526-4357) in North Berkeley. It's bilingual, play and home based. The director, Carlos, is just what you may be looking for in a male role model. Warm, affectionate, and terrific with kids. The other 2 female teachers are excellent as well. My son attended for a year and we had a great experience-- music, art, daily walks, trips to the library.

During my search for preschools, the following schools also had male teachers and are worth checking out: Step One, Aquatic Park, Heart's Leap. If you can swing it with your schedule, you might check out a coop, where your child will be exposed to other kid's fathers and you will find a welcoming community. Good luck! anon

New School of Berkeley has several lovely male teachers. katy

Last year my son was at Arts and Sciences in Oakland when the school just hired a wonderful male teacher from England. He was very warm and nurturing and was great with the kids. Check out the school, I'm not sure if he is still there. former parent

Male teachers are very important but not a rarity in the Bay Area. In Rockridge, Claremont Day School has a male director. Also in the neighborhood is the School of Arts and Sciences with a male teacher who is very well-spoken and caring. Delfine

responding late to your question, but Claremont Day on College Ave. in Oakland has Teacher Johnny, who is calm, patient, and insightful. The children love him. He's been there for at least 5 years. anon.

The preschool my daughter attends, Step One School in north Berkeley, has a male teacher in each classroom (each class has two or three teachers)and there are several other male teachers among the rotating substitutes. So there are many positive male role models there. The school is fairly hard to get into, apply as soon as you can to possibly get a spot. Good luck! Mollie

Daisy Child Development Center at 5016 Daisy Street in Oakland 510.531.6426 has two incredible male teachers, Ron Dickinson and Mark Stewart. Our son currently attends Daisy. A large part of our decision to send him there is the presence of these men, in addition to the wide-ranging experience of the teachers, the warm and caring attitudes all employees and the incredible diversity and strength of the parent community. Note that the website is a bit outdated - it's in the process of being updated, but will still provide some great basic information. Happy Daisy parent

Sorry for the late reply, but I wanted to throw in my 2 cents! A great school with a positive male teacher is Peter at the Arts and Sciences school . He creates a warm and wonderful environment for everyone and is a joy to be around! single mom again

January 2005

Can anyone recommend a preschool with a male teacher? My 2.5 son would love to have more ''big man'' contact, so I'm looking for something part-time, in the Berkeley and North areas. Does such a thing exist? Thank you. suzanne

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