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Looking for a Japanese preschool

Jan 2008

I am responding to a prior review. Someone mentioned, ''AIUEO''. I would love to hear more about this class/school and how to contact them. I am looking for a Japanese preschool other than the Sycamore Christian Preschool in the east bay. Thank you. jt

I am a Japanese mom living in the East bay. I actually do not know any other Japanese preschool which is open during weekdays other than Sycamore school. Are you interested in sending your child to a daytime Japanese preschool, or are you interested in sending your child to an afterschool or weekend Japanese classes?

I know Sycamore school has an afternoon Japanese hiragana classes, and also they offer Saturday Japanese classes as well, which are being taught by very good teachers. The Saturday school may be more for older children though,,,.

If your child is fluent in Japanese, I heard that there will be a kindergarten at the Saturday Japanese school in Sunset district in SF. It will be taught in Japanese. My son goes to the Saturday Japanese elementary school and he is the 3rd grader there. He is completely bilingual, reads and writes in Japanese too. Feel free to contact me if you have other questions. mika

Native speaking Japanese teacher/class for 3-year-old?

March 2004

I'm looking for a native speaking japanese teacher/class for my 3 year old. Hopefully it's something for a few days a week for a few hours a day. Is there something like this in the bay area? Tony

Although I do not have my child there, I have heard good things about Sycamore christian preschool ( I have some friends (who are native Japanese speakers) sending their children there. The program is run in Japanese. It is a christian school. When I visited there kids were singing about god and also were praying before snack time. I decided not to send my children just because I am not religious and was not sure if I would like to send my child to a religious school. However, many of my friends who send their children are not religious either and they are happy about the school. Good luck. Japanese speaking mom

Hi. There is a new Japanese language school called Sakura Gakuen in Pleasanton. They teach twice a week, and they have a class for 3 years old. El Cerrito also has a couple of Japanese kindergarten. mfd