Food Allergies at Preschool

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Preschools that handle severe multiple food allergies well

Jan 2015

My son who just turned 3 has severe food allergies to tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, dairy, soy,
wheat, and more such as sunflower, sesame, etc.  He has been with a nanny and transitioned
into her small in-home daycare with ease as she has such a close relationship with us and
is terrific at managing his food allergies.  Transitioning to a larger, less controlled
environment makes me very nervous, as his allergies are severe. We carry an epipen at all
times in case of anaphylaxis, he has been hospitalized, etc.  Please share any insights you
have of local preschools, preferably in the Lake Merritt, Glenview, Montclair or Rockridge
area that handle food allergies with care.  The information posted on BPN on this subject
is very outdated.  On a social and developmental level, he is definitely ready for
preschool next school year.  Thanks so much!

-Worried mama

BlueSkies for Children ( in Oakland does a VERY good
job of caring for children with life-threatening food allergies. There are two children
in our class and one or two in the class above with various allergies (I think that
between them they are allergic to all of the foods you listed). All foods served to the
children (breakfast, lunch, and snacks) are prepared in house and do not contain
allergens (parents of allergic kids even get asked to review ingredients of potential
new items). No outside foods are allowed (with the exception of occasional birthday
items, but the kids with food allergies have stashes of treats in the freezer for those
occasions). Each eating area has a notice posted with food allergy information
(including a sheet for each allergic child that includes their photo and a list of
items they can't eat). Epi-pens are stored in clearly marked locations in classroom and
food areas, and teachers are trained in their use. Our child is not allergic to
anything, but has a clear understanding that some of her friends have to be careful
about what they eat and at 3 and 4 years old we see the kids self-policing at
non-school events to make sure the allergic kids don't eat something they shouldn't.

Beyond the way they handle food allergies, BlueSkies is an amazing place. Openings are
rare in the preschool because so many kids start in the infant and toddler program and
stay through until Kindergarten, but it is worth checking and even getting on the
BlueSkies is awesome!


Preschools friendly for kids with nut allergies

Jan 2011

We just found out that my 3 year old daughter has a severe tree nut allergy. We're in the middle of applying for preschools in Oakland and a few we've seen so far did not seem very accommodating to her needs. Does anyone know of any preschools in Oakland that are prepared to deal with serious allergies? Katherine

I would call Lakeview Preschool in the Grand Lake area. I think the number is 444-1725. We have been there for 3 years and I notice that each day there are notes on the sign in sheets about what things a particular child cannot eat. We (knock wood) have not dealt with any allergies for our kids; so I can't personally attest, but I am sure that if you call and talk with Madeline or Kathy that they would be happy to talk you through procedures and tell you right away if they would be able to accommodate your child or not. PLUS, it is an AWESOME school. It is unbelievable how much the kids grow and learn. Good luck!

Katherine, I saw your post on Berkeley Parents Network and wanted to respond. For any child with severe food allergies, I highly recommend The Berkeley School We picked the preschool specifically because it was the only one that we found that was prepared to deal with severe food allergies and had actual extensive experience doing so. The preschool campus has a no-nut/peanut policy.

My older daughter is four and has;a number of severe food allergies, including peanut and nut allergies. By severe, I mean that ingesting even a tiny amount is enough to trigger anaphylaxis. She has been at the school since Fall of 2008. I can't say enough about what a wonderful job her teachers have done in dealing with her allergies. There are several other kids in her class with overlapping allergies and they manage everyone's very well.

The school provides peanut- and nut-free snacks and the teachers and staff always make sure that each child only eats the snacks that are safe for them. All of the kids bring their own lunches and eat together under close supervision so the teachers can make sure there is no food sharing. The lunches are supposed to be nut and peanut free. On the rare (once or twice) occasions when a family has forgotten - reminders are sent out instantly. The teachers cook with the kids often and have adapted all of their recipes to ensure that no allergens are included (not easy, as some of the kids are allergic to wheat too!)

To give you a sense of how many foods they have had to screen, my daughter is also allergic to dairy, egg, fish, sesame, and strawberries; she was allergic to soy, garlic, beef, and pork, but has outgrown those allergies.

In addition to the food allergy issue, it is a terrific school - fabulous teachers and a really caring community. She has grown socially, emotionally, and intellectually in so many ways during her time at the school. We feel really lucky to have found a place where we our daughter is thriving and we don't have to worry about her all day. We are planning to start our younger daughter there in the fall - she also has peanut and nut allergies.

I know the school is not in the geographic area that you are looking, but it is definitely worth considering.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Regards, Carol

My sons' school, Shu Ren international School in Berkeley, is 100% nut free and has a great preschool. It is taught all in Mandarin and is theme-based learning, following the IB curriculum. My children come home with tons of artworks and are very happy there. You should go check them out. They are located at 1333 University Avenue. They will also be at the preschool fair this weekend in Oakland. Happy Shuren Parent

Definitely Montessori Family School located at 1850 Scenic in Berkeley (near the north side of the UC Berkeley campus). The school is nut-free and takes this very seriously. They recognize the severity of this allergy and families who attend the school understand that they must abide by this policy. This policy is carried out at the campus located at 7075 Cutting Blvd. in El Cerrito where grades K through 8 attend. My child has been in the school at the El Cerrito site for three years and I have volunteered a lot at the school and have witnessed firsthand the teachers and staff faithfully ensuring that the nut-free policy is enforced. Lunches are checked to make sure that no nuts are included and there have been no problems in the three years our family has been part of the school. Pleased parent

I'll second the recommendation that you look at Lakeview Preschool . Our son has a variety of food allergies (wheat, dairy, nuts, soy, strawberries, etc.). Lakeview is a nut free campus. All of the food is provided by the school for the kids who don't have special dietary needs so you don't have to worry about another child having nuts in their lunch. Also, the teacher to student ratio is excellent (8 to 1 I think) so there are always lots of adult eyes on the kids. Our son brings his food and the teachers know what to do with the food and what foods he can/cannot eat. Plus, it's just a great school and our son is learning a lot - both academically and socially. Jason

Son's dairy and gluten allergies at preschool?

Jan 2011

My son will be 3 next September and we are thinking of preschool/ family daycare 3 mornings a week, but are super freaked out by his possible exposure to gluten and dairy- his 2 big allergens. At the only preschool I looked at they have a tray of crackers out all the time and it would be my son's responsibility not to eat the food. On top of that with 1:6 ratios, I am worried that he will eat someone else's food at lunch. He is really great about asking an adult, but mistakes can happen (i.e., raisin in the granola looks okay...). I hate to think of depriving him of a great socializing experience because of food allergies, but that is where we are at right now. The smallest bit can make him incredibly sick. He has always been home with a vigilant nanny, so exposure hasn't been a problem so far (except for from well-meaning relatives, but I digress). Any preschools/ family daycares you love in the Berkeley area with experience/ sensitivity around these issues? I find places to be open to banning tree nuts, but dairy and gluten are everywhere... Thanks in advance! Don't want son to live in a bubble

Both of my kids have severe food allergies (my daughter swells up even by touching milk), so I had the same concern when I started her in daycare. She went to Sakura Daycare in Oakland and Chishiro (with my guidance) was really careful with my daughter. Accidents do happen, but if there is a plan in place, then things are not as bad as you anticipate. For example, Chishiro knew when to give my daughter Benadryl if needed and knows how to give Epi-pen if needed (my daughter never needed it). I think that my daughter did have some milk that make her sick to her stomach and she vomited it in daycare, but somehow that ended up to be a good thing for my daughter, because she learned what not to eat and touch. She loves to eat, so she would put everything in her mouth if you are not watching her, but because of those few incidents, she learned to ask and actually learned to touch some food (like cookies) to make sure it does not hurt her lips before eating them. Also, she learned to avoid some food and felt okay to not eat them because she does not want to be sick.

I am not sure when you want to start your son in daycare/preschool, but you may want to think about just starting him in preschool to avoid another transition later on. I transitioned my daughter to preschool when she was 2.5 yo, mostly because my son was born and I wanted her to be closer to home (Walnut Creek). It was stressful in term of worrying about her food allergy at a new place, but it was the best transition. She was so ready for preschool! She was the only one with the food allergy, but the teachers were great and food allergy was not even an issue. Her teachers changed the recipe (using soymilk instead of milk, etc) for their cooking lessons, so that my daughter would not feel left out. They made her special cookies w/o milk and egg, etc. And if they can't change the recipe, they just make it when my daughter is not in that day (she is part-time). Again, accidents happen, just yesterday, somebody accidently splashed milk on her and she broke out, so they had to give her a dose of Benadryl and she was fine.

So, basically, it's not as hard and stressful as you think. But when I was searching for daycare/preschool for her, the first question I asked was what do they do with kids with a food allergy and do they feel comfortable taking care of her. And if they feel confident with taking care of her and we like the place, then it's a perfect fit. There was one place that my daughter went in the beginning, but she only lasted half a day, as the caregiver got so nervous with her allergy and eczema that she was 'let go'... but that place would had been the worst fit for us!

You just need to give the daycare/preschool guidance. I also prepared an emergency kit with all my daughter's medication (benadryl, zyrtec, epi-pen, etc) and very specific and clear guidelines as to what to do in case of an accident. You may also want to join a parent group for kids with food allergies. I am not involved with any parent groups, but I saw a posting on BPN earlier by Jennifer Morris (jensmeese [at] asking to form a food allergy support group, so you may want to try it. I may also join after the crazy holidays. Good luck. Katherine

Our almost-4-year-old has had severe allergies to dairy, egg, and soy. It's great that you're being very cautious about your child's needs as he enters preschool. At our son's preschool, he eats only the food we pack in his lunch box, unless the teachers are absolutely sure he can eat the snack that is set out each day. Sadly, he eats at his own table, separate from the other kids, but that doesn't seem to bother him. Feel free to email me if you want to get in touch with more questions... jean

Hi, I saw your post and wanted to respond. My son has severe allergies to tree nuts and eggs. I would like to recommend his preschool, Rockridge Little School on College Avenue in Oakland. We are in our third year there (as my son has late fall birthday) and am extremely pleased with the way they have handled his food allergies. No nuts of any kind are allowed on the premises, and all the parents, grandparents, caregivers are notified of this. The teachers are very sensitive to his allergies. They go out of their way to make sure he never feels left out. He has special treats in the freezer for birthdays. He is able to eat the snacks they provide for morning snack and I provide his lunch. Please feel free to email me if you'd like to discuss further. I give Rockridge Little School the highest praise for their sensitivity, open communication, and most of all, the opportunit for my son to be able to have a ''normal'' preschool experience. Elena

Preschool that accommodates special diets and food allergies

April 2010

My daughter is 2.5 and I am beginning to look into preschool options, though I find that with each one I brace myself a bit when I see that lunch and snacks are provided as she has multiple allergies, and we are vegetarian. Her allergies, though not life threatening per se, are to gluten, dairy and citrus and we are vegetarian. I know that bay area schools must be used to special needs and vegetarian students (and I really don't mind if she eats meat now and then, but I don't want it to be 5 days a week as it looks like it is at some schools). Does anyone have any recommendations on schools that were particularly accomodating to special diets for your child? Berkeley/north berkeley area preferred (or Rockridge). Thanks for any experiencse you can share. Angela

If her allergies are not life-threatening and she needs to actually eat (not just touch or smell) the food, then I would suggest you tell the schools and offer to supply your own foods. My son has a gluten sensitivity and something is up with him and dairy, too. I just pack his lunch accordingly and am fine if he eats something in the ''no no'' zone for snack. There is a girl in his class with a protein allergy... her mom packs food for her. Another has a peanut/nut allergy... so the class is nut-free across the board. I don't believe a private school is required to accommodate you, but I could be wrong. anon

hi, i don't have any specific suggestions, but my son has similar allergies and is also vegetarian. in daycare and preschool we haven't found this to be a problem. it seems that allergies are unfortunately becoming more common and teachers/staff handle it well. on a larger scale, i am curious how you handle eating in general with your daughter. these dietary changes are new for our family and it's been a struggle. if you are open to emailing me, i would love to hear how your family has adjusted to your daughter's needs. good luck, mazu

I have a child with very serious food allergies. Although most pre schools are moving towards being peanut free that is not one of my child's allergies. Please look for a pre school that would best fit your child and your family. Whether the school offers food that fits your needs or not should be secondary. You can always send a lunch from home. I think every pre school and now elementary school we looked at assured us that there is no food sharing and that extra care would be taken to keep our child away from foods that might hurt her. Go with the pre school that makes you feel good when you walk inside and see the children play and interact. Hope this helps. Michelle

Preschools that have a no-nut policy

July 2007

I was looking at past reviews of preschools that accomodate kids with food allergies, but the most recent one is from 2003. I was wondering if anyone out there could provide more updated information on preschools that either have a ''no peanut policy'' or accomodates a child with multiple food allergies. I am looking in the Rockridge, Montclair, or Temescal areas preferably. Thanks so much. Elena

Though not in your preferred area, the The Snuggery Preschool in Berkeley has a peanut/nut free policy. The staff is very knowledgeable and they make sure no peanut/nut products enter the school. Kids wash their hands and faces after lunch. They are also trained how to use the epipen if needed. Besides making sure your child will stay safe, their program is very good. I'm not sure if they have any openings coming up, but call Nancy Togami, director, at 510-548-9121. Idit

My daughter has a very good friend with a severe peanut allergy. Her mom says: ''As the mother of a preschooler who is very allergic to peanuts (i.e. carries an Epi-Pen), I understand your concern. Although it's a little outside of your search area, I wanted to recommend Berkeley Montessori School to your attention. When we enrolled my daughter there 2 years ago, they did not have a food allergy policy in place, but their response to our needs have been amazing and incredibly comforting.

Within days, they instituted a campus-wide ''no nut'' policy that has been posted at the pick-up and drop-off areas and sent home with parents on several occasions each year. They also have a rule in the classroom that students are not to share their food with one another, just in case. The parents who are responsible for purchasing the snacks that the school provides are informed, and while there has not yet been a single slip-up, the teachers in my daughter's classroom are well-versed in reading the small print on the back of all of the packages. Occasionally, a parent will bring to school a birthday treat that has been exposed to nuts. In every case, the teachers have provided my daughter with an alternate treat, sometimes taking the time to walk down the street to the bakery to buy it. In short, both the administration and the teachers have taken my daughter's special need seriously and have diligently kept her safe and well.

Finally, I would like to mention that before choosing Berkeley Montessori (at that time without a ''no nut'' policy), my daughter attended a preschool that had a pre-existing ''no nut'' policy in place. In spite of that policy, we found food containing nuts at every single special event held at that school (school play, Halloween celebration, etc.) The parents responsible for bringing refreshments to those events were not reminded, nor were the snacks checked once they arrived on site. Our confidence in the organization, responsibility, and care of the Berkeley Montessori staff and community was so strong, that we felt more comfortable trying out a new policy there than trying to stick with a school that had the policy we needed but lacked the organization to enforce it.'' Lisa

September 2001

My son is 17 months old & I am starting to think about preschools. My biggest concern is that he has food allergies (dairy, eggs & peanuts) & if he were to ingest peanuts he could have a very serious reaction. I was recently told about a preschool where they have banned all nut & peanut products out of concern for a child with allergies. I would love to know about any other preschools that are highly responsive to working with kids with food allergies, who take the issue seriously. Also, any advice about this issue in general (managing kids with food allergies in the schools) would be appreciated (I checked the website but found nothing addressing this issue). THANKS Ruth

Recommendations received:

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My son ( who is five and a half now) started going to Montessori Family School when he was three. He like your child has a severe peanut allergy....

My childrens' preschool, Step One in Berkeley, has banned all peanuts and peanut products and several other nuts and related products due to severe nut allergies.

My daughter (anaphylactic peanut allergy) went to Temple Sinai Preschool . For helpful food allergy information check out The Food Allergy Network (they have a children's newsletter too), at . Good luck!

In reply to your request for Preschools with food allergy friendly policies. Our program at Aquatic Park School is very responsive to the specific food needs of our children.....

My friend sends her son to The Duck Pond on Park Blvd. in the Glenview area of Oakland. You might set up a tour the owners name is Lois. JSOb

My daughter is at Step One School , where all peanut and tree nut products (and sunflower seeds, chocolate, and various other foods) have been banned because several children are seriously allergic (i.e., contact with the allergen could require hospitalization and could be life threatening). Perhaps this is the school you have heard of.

My feeling is that a ban is the only responsible thing a school can do if it knows that seriously allergic children attend. I also think that any school would be required by law (under the Americans with Disabilities Act, a federal law) to make such a reasonable accommodation.

So I think you should consider all the schools which are otherwise available to you and take an assertive approach to arranging accommodation of your child's serious medical needs. All preschools hold themselves out as valuing inclusiveness and diversity and this issue gives a good chance for schools to show it. Karen

I'm sure you have already heard about Step One School ....

My child attends Cedar Creek Montessori in Berkeley. One of her classmates has some allergies ...

Preschool that will really monitor foods like peanuts

March 2003

I've searched the web for past recommendations, but I was hoping to get some updated ones regarding preschools that are very responsive to food allergies.

From what I read and know, most preschools do not provide more than snacks, and kids need to bring their own lunch. This is not my issue here. What I'm looking for is places that ban foods like peanuts, but more importantly, really watch the kids when they eat, maybe sit down with them until they're done, so that accidents don't happen, and that parents will feel their child is safe. Lastly, I'd like to enroll my child in March of next year, when she will be 28 months. Any recommendation is very much appreciated. anon

Recommendations received: