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Feb 2009

I am looking to enroll my 3 year old son in preschool for the first time this fall. Since I plan to work evenings (3-11), a preschool with an afternoon session works best for us. Something from 1 to 5 would be ideal. It seems that most preschools only offer morning or full day sessions. Something located near UC (where my husband works) or near Montclair (where my parents live) would be great. I would be very grateful for any leads! Thank you! Vanessa

Sunshine Preschool at CEID has afternoons only as an option. It is a wonderful mixed age small class of about 12 students. Often fewer in the afternoon, which I believe goes from 1 to 5. My son only attends in the morning, so I am not very familiar with the afternoon routine. Please email if you have any questions. My son has been very happy there. Laura

Call June Sheffield at 510-849-9352. She is currently restructuring her preschool and has added an afternoon program. My eldest daughter went to Sheffield Preschool for 1 year and emerged well balanced, confident and excited about going to Kindergarten. I will send my younger daughter there next year ('09-'10)for the afternoon program, and am looking forward to joining the Sheffield community again! Kristen

I want to recommend Applegarden Montessori for a great afternoon program. The afternoon is from 1:30 to 4:30 with the possibility to join an art class from 1 to 1:30 and aftercare until 6. Applegarden is a great little school. I have 2 sons(5yo & 3yo) that currently attend the morning session, though my older son started in the afternoon and was there all day 2 days a week last year. He asks me every week when he can stay all day again (that is the best indicator for me that it is a good school). The teachers are all very good at knowing the kids and helping them to be the best individuals they can be while learning about the world, nature, science, math, and reading. Good luck in finding a good fit for you. tmc

Oct 2008

I'm wondering if anyone knows a good preschool in the Albany/ Berkeley/ El Cerrito area, with an afternoon program, where kids can come ONLY in the afternoon (noon - 3 and up). Most places I've seen have morning only or full day, but not afternoon only option. Thanks! Toni

Griffin Nursery School in Berkeley has an afternoon program for the 4 year olds. Three year olds attend mornings. 4 year olds have the option of attending all day. A handful attend full days 1-2 days/week. Very few attend full time every day. A great place. Happy Griffin parent

Albany Co-op Preschool has an afternon-only program. And if you are enrolled in the afternoon program you do not have to do parent participation. anon

Feb 2007

Does anyone know of a good co-op preschool in Oakland that does an afternoon program? My daughter is not an early riser and I'm not sure that is going to change by the time she is ready to go to preschool. Thank you briana

I do not know of an afternoon co-op preschool but would highly recommend the Lake School in Oakland. While they are not a co- op they do have huge parent involvement in many aspects of the school and they have an afternoon program. The school is truly a wonderful and amazing place. dolby

Nov 2002

Our daughter, Hannah, will be a little over two years old in September and we are starting to think about preschool/daycare. She is currently with a wonderful nanny, but we are interested in exploring other options. Here is the dilemna: We need afternoon care, mostly from noon till 6 PM. The programs that I have looked at provide morning care or all-day care, but nothing starting a little later. I have scheduled my life so that I can spend mornings with my daughter and would hate to give that up. Does anyone know of a great afternoon program for toddlers? Thanks in advance for any help. Lisa

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