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  • It’s my first baby and COVID has been pretty tough on our decision making as to whether or not we should go to Kaiser Oakland or Kaiser San Leandro for our prenatal care and delivery. I am currently assigned to getting prenatal care through Oakland. We are told from family members that San Leandro would be better, but Oakland is closer and I’ve always gone there for care. Any stats, suggestions and experiences are encouraged! 

    I just gave birth at the end of April at Kaiser Oakland. I was considered a high risk pregnancy so I had lots of prenatal appts even after the shelter in place started. I have to say the care I received there was amazing. My background is an RN with part of my work history being a perinatal provider, so I can tend to be a tough critic. My experience with prenatal care, delivery, and postpartum care was excellent. I look forward to having my care there for future pregnancies. Oakland has a NICU which I think a lot of women in general find comforting in case something did happen in delivery. A NICU usually means they are also more prepared for high risk stuff which might be beneficial if covid is something you are worried about. I haven’t had any care at San Leandro Kaiser so I cannot compare to that specific site. 

    I had my baby through Oakland at the end of April and a really positive experience. I really appreciated the extra care my OB took with me before the baby came. Schedules were tricky because of less time available but everyone was thoughtful and kind. The hospital was great. Though my husband had to stay in the building while we were there, Tues-Fri, he was able go to the cafeteria when he needed. Staff were masked but friendly and reassuring. Patients were asked to stay in rooms unless going somewhere but I had a really great experience at Kaiser Oakland.

    I did all my prenatal care at Kaiser Oakland (through the centering program), and it was great. When it came time to deliver, I had to be induced and I couldn't get an appointment at Oakland and had to go to San Leandro. I was a little disappointed BUT to be honest it was fantastic. San Leandro is brand new, super clean, the staff was fantastic, plenty of FREE parking (Oakland you have to circle up to the top of the parking structure every time, and wait at the end to pay to park). Highly recommend. 

    I'd go back to SL in a heartbeat. Good luck with your first baby. Our's is now 1 and is been a wild, fun ride! Enjoy your pregnancy too

  • Gestational diabetes care at Kaiser

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    I'd love to hear about any recent experiences folks have had with a gestational diabetes diagnosis while being cared for at Kaiser. 

    Kaiser Oakland is very close, but I'm willing to other Kaisers for a great provider. So far, I have been unimpressed by my experiences at Kaiser Oakland and am wondering if this is due to the providers I've encountered, or the general systems in place there. 

    A little context: This is my second pregnancy. I gave birth to my first at Alta Bates (induced, uncomplicated vaginal birth to a 9lb 5oz boy- very similar in size to his father and smaller than my father at birth). I had hoped for a homebirth, but after the dx moved forward with East Bay Perinatal and delivery at Alta Bates. I appreciated that there was a nurse midwife on staff that was able to deliver us and never pushed for a c-section, while every OB we encountered mentioned it at least once in the course of our conversations. I'm all for full disclosure of possible complications and keeping an awareness of what eventualities may come to pass, but am put off by the general GD=big baby=c-section mentality that many providers I encountered seemed to possess. 

    If you've encountered a provider at Kaiser who has been willing to look at the patient as an individual and not just a diagnosis I would be very interested in learning about them. 

    Thank you.

    I attempted a home birth for my second, while getting concurrent care at Kaiser Oakland, and felt frustrated and belittled by them as far as sizing my baby in utero. I ended up transferring to Kaiser San Leandro at 37 weeks and having a c section there (breech baby). I found that Dr Hong in San Leandro was very responsive to my concerns and listened to and believed me about what I was saying about my baby's size vs the sizing ultrasound at Kaiser Oakland. My baby ended being 8 lbs, which is not that huge. 

    The only issue is- you can see midwives in the clinic in Oakland, but for delivery they supervise residents to attend to your birth. In San Leandro, you see OBs, and midwives attend to your birth (no residents). That ended up being what we needed since we already had a homebirth midwife. Good luck to you!

    Hi, I had a very positive experience at  Mission Bay San Francisco. I loved my OB and the remote GDM care and management they provided. Also educated me about the medical risks for GDM babies and thus the desire for a C-section (not just coz they are big). But ultimately I was given a choice. BTw i’m very small. May be the provider..?

    I don’t have personal experience with GD but have a couple of thoughts. I delivered my first baby at Kaiser Oakland in June 2017 and am now 22 weeks pregnant with my second. I’ve had a great experience so far both times. I was sure I wanted an unmedicated labor with my first and the staff completely respected that, although they checked with me to make sure when my labor dragged into 36 hours. I felt like my choices were respected. Also, I have a friend who had GD a couple years ago when she was with Kaiser and she was never pressured into a c-section at all. Granted, her GD was well-managed and her baby was actually on the smaller side but my sense is that Kaiser wants to avoid C-sections whenever possible. Good luck!