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Portuguese class for children

March 2014

Can anyone recommend a Brazilian Portuguese class for young children? I'm looking for a place where my 4 year-old can gain some exposure to Brazilian language and culture. Portuguese was my first language but I'm rusty! meia b

For info regarding groups of Brazilian Portuguese for children go to http://www.contadorescalifornia.wordpress.com you will get all the info you need there. This group was created by Jorge Lima and Ligia Verdi with the support of the Brazilian Consulate. My children loved it. Now they are 21 and 17. I hope you and your 4 year old enjoy it too. If you still have questions feel free to contact me. Rita

I recommend capoeira! It's a much more fun way to learn language than sitting in a language class- especially for a four-year-old. My children loved the capoeira studio in Berkeley on San Pablo for many reasons-the teachers were very caring, it's a very child-friendly place (as is Brazil), it's very lively, active and engaging for kids, and the Maestra is a woman (kind of a fun balance for male energy). They have very good classes specifically geared to young children, both the shy and bold types. It also includes music, singing in Portuguese, learning lots of language. In fact I really miss having my kids there! The email is clients [at] capoeiraartsfoundation.org Former Capoeira Mama

Portuguese classes for kids?

Aug 2012

Hi, I have 2 children (age 7 and 4) and would like to have them take Portuguese lessons. I speak Portuguese and we spend a month every summer in Brazil but they do not speak any Portuguese except for a few words. It is difficult for me to incorporate it into our everyday life at home, so I would like them to have a structured time and place or class for portuguese lessons and then I can reinforce it at home and they will have a starting point for understanding and speaking more when they are in Brazil. If you know of group classes (for kids) somewhere in the East Bay or a teacher or tutor that could do a lesson once a week let me know. They are in K and 3rd grade this year. Thank you, Chris M

There's a center on San Pablo that does classes; there's also IBEC, which does classes on Saturday mornings. Just google IBEC East Bay. Tatiana