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  • Weekend Yoga & Mindfulness retreat

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    I am interested in finding a weekend mindfulness and yoga retreat - hopefully something within a 2 hour driving distance.  I've never been to a retreat, and so looking for something that would be beginner-friendly (a beginner to mindfulness, and no longer have a regular yoga practice). Does anyone have any recommendations?  Thanks

    I have a few suggestions based on my own experience-- Vajrapani Institute in the Santa Cruz mountains (, Mount Madonna Center near Gilroy (, Esalen in Big Sur. I attended James Baraz' weekend mindfulness meditation retreat a few years ago at Mount Madonna and thought it was great! He also teaches at Spirit Rock; I have never managed to make it there but that also sounds like a wonderful place with many possibilities for you. I have found periodic retreats (preferably silent) to be one of the most important ways for me to continue growing and cultivate contentment. Best wishes to you!

    Rebecca Urban offers retreats a few times a year at a lovely center about two hours from the Bay Area.  Highly recommended.

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  • Searching -- Local Mother/Teen Yoga Retreat

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    Hello, I am looking for an overnight yoga retreat in Northern California for my 13 year old daughter and me.  She is comfortable in adult yoga classes; she is too old/experienced for yoga kid camps.  We are looking for a weekend retreat where she would feel welcome (and one that isn't wine heavy).  Please advise me of any good resources for my research.  Thank you.

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October 2001

My yoga addiction has progressed to the point where I sit around and fantasize about going away on a weekend long yoga retreat in some beautiful (but nearby) place. But I don't really feel like leaving my husband and two year old behind. My fantasy is of going someplace appealing where kids and spouses are welcome to come as well, where there would be fun things to do with kids (like taking walks or swimming if the weather were nice) when not taking yoga classes. Does such a thing exist? Has anyone done it? It Is it insane to imagine integrating a toddler into a yoga retreat in the first place? dashka

I have the perfect retreat for you! I went with my 6-year old son last summer (who, unusual child that he is, did all of the adult yoga classes with me). It's a weekend retreat in August in beautiful Mendocino county, given by Rodney Yee and Miranda Bergman. Rodney does the yoga (4 two-hour classes over the weekend), and Miranda does a mask-making workshop, which is really, really fun and creative. The setting is gorgeous, in the middle of the woods, several hiking opportunities, a river to play in, and a swimming pool. Families are welcome. There are cabins and tent cabins to stay in. Of course, like any yoga retreat, it isn't cheap. Rodney teaches at the Peidmont Ave yoga studio in Oakland, which has a website where the retreats offered by Rodney and many others are posted, I believe. Raissa