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Where to have Tomales Bay wedding reception?

Jan 2009

I'm getting married in September in Tomales Bay, and I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to rent someone's backyard for the reception, not an inn or a hotel. Pt. Reyes or Inverness is fine. I saw some vacation homes, but most of them either don't have a real backyard, or they don't host parties of more than 10. This would be for about 100 people, and we'd mostly stay out of the house, or maybe the two of us would stay there the night before. Any specific ideas? hopeful

You may want to try the Inverness Yacht Club - I think that they rent to non-members for events and it is set up with a kitchen, bar, space for dancing and bbq (outside) as well as being right on the bay - no where to spend the night there but there are many inns right next to or near... Best of Luck. Maggie

Oct 2008

Re: A getaway for only one night

We've stayed in a B in Marshall (across Tomales Bay from Pt. Reyes) for a single night and had a great time. The place was a little funky but comfortable and private, and the breakfast was really excellent. Sorry I can't remember the name of it, but Marshall is pretty small. It's probably a little more than an hour drive, but once you get beyond the freeway part, it's beautiful country highways.