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What to wear for Tahoe wedding on the beach?

June 2008

Where do ladies shop or what do you suggest to wear for cute clothing suitable for a wedding in Tahoe on the beach this summer? There will be also a big dinner event and a brunch in the days before the wedding. I am told to wear ''casual-elegant'' for the wedding and the dinner. I don't know how to dress up and look like it's ''me''. I love Anthropologie but most things seem to be for long-legged body types. I have a regular body, decent figure, in my mid 40s and look my age. I want to look sophisticated and ''dressed'' but yet not fancy or done up. Any suggestions? I also need ideas about jewelry - what is in now, vs. what not to do? usually go camping for our vacations

My husband and I attended a Tahoe wedding on a boat last summer. I found my dress at 'Ann Taylor' which I think fits the bill for casual elegant. As for jewelry, I would highly recommend checking out the following website: Marcella Austenfeld is a BPN member and creates some stunning, reasonably priced pieces. Good luck and enjoy the wedding Joy

From your description it sounds like any of the ''looks'' at Talbot's would work. Unfortunately they are no longer at Bay St. in Emeryville. I've had good luck with the quality (long life) of their clothes and their sizing (wide range, not just 2-10 for models!). They are pricey! :(

J Jill might work too but I don't shop there as much so can't personally recommend (is in emeryville).

Chico's (there is one in Emeryville) also has some good looks ~ their sizing is ''different'' but I love their jewelry. Check out the clearance rack for cheaper jewelry. clothes horse

J.Crew has a great strapless embossed cotton dress that could be perfect for you. If strapless isn't your thing you could get straps sewn in by any seamstress - you'd just need to buy some wide pretty ribbon (at a fabric store or Paper Source on 4th Street or for something really special you could buy ribbon at Tail of the Yak on Ashby near College) or something that could be made into straps (I've done that, too). It's about 100 bucks but they have some colors on sale on their website right now. You could get a pretty jacket or cardigan to go with it. I own 4 of these dresses and they fit the bill perfectly for such an occasion. Hope you have a great time. Susan

I would check out Molly B both on 4th Street and on Vine. They often have pretty summer dresses that would work for weddings. While at Molly B on Vine look in Earthly Goods on the corner. Their clothes are not as unique but more classic. Berkeley Shopper

Places in North Tahoe for a wedding

March 2007

I'm looking for information to plan a wedding in North Tahoe in late July. The wedding was originally going to be in Berkeley but I had to change plans for religious reasons (don't ask). So I am now looking for information on places and resources in North Tahoe, in or around Tahoe City. The wedding party will be very small, about 30 people. I'm looking for a rabbi, a place for the ceremony and an evening sit down dinner afterwards, and a caterer for the dinner. Alternatively, I'd consider a very nice restaurant that has an outdoor space like a deck or garden for the ceremony and then dinner for the wedding party. (Still need rabbi.) I'll also entertain suggestions on a wedding chapel in Reno with an Elvis impersonator rabbi. Thanks! Wandering Bride

These places host wedding: Garwoods Sunnyside Resort
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