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Website for UC Berkeley Recreational Swimming Pools: http://calbears.berkeley.edu/facilities/pools/


Re: Swimming places for women only (Sept 2004)
Check out UCB's Hearst pool. There is a small, little used women only pool outside the women's locker room. As recently as a month ago I found it was open Tues & Thurs 6:30-7:30 for open swimming, although I can't find further information on their website right now. I know they also hold women-only water fitness classes in that pool several times a week. If you've never been, the Hearst pool is beautiful, and the women's pool is very private. The number & website for the entire Recreational Sports program is 510-642-6400/calbears.berkeley.edu Sofia


Re: Deep Pool for Aquajogging (May 2004)
Spieker Pool at UC Berkeley on Bancroft Way is the best for this. I water jog there and there is a slow lane and the pool is 10 feet deep throughout. When I can't get there, the Berkeley pools can be used....but the first part of the lane is less than 4.5 feet, but 2/3 of the lane is deep enough for water jogging.