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Re: Driving to Portland - where to stay along the way (Nov 2005)
This isn't the cheapest place, but I loved staying at the Mount Shasta Ranch in the town of Mount Shasta. The main house is the most expensive but they also have cheaper rooms in the Carriage House and you'll still be served a wonderful breakfast. The area is really beautiful and you'll have a fantastic view of the mountain. Their website is:

March 2005

Greetings - We'd really like the low down on skiing in the Mt. Shasta area, everything from where to ski, where to learn to ski, where to stay while skiing, and the like. Our 12 year old daughter has just fallen in love with skiing and will need lessons, rentals, and so on. Shasta is well situated for us and seems much more low key than Lake Tahoe. The archives do not have the relevant information. Many thanks. Snow bunny mom

Hi. A friend of ours passed your message on to us. We can give you plenty of information about Mt. Shasta. We own a vacation rental in Mt. Shasta and we go there frequently, and just love the winter there. You are right, it is definitely not the Tahoe scene as it is not crowded, very informal, and definitely low key. The Mt. Shasta Board and Ski Park is great for families, or you can just go off on your own for cross-country, snowshoeing, sledding, etc.. We would be happy to tell you more. Also, here is the link to our web site: The Chalet at Mt. Shasta, . Off-season rates begin April 1 and there should be good snow for skiing through April.
Jack and Terri

I grew up in the Mt. Shasta area. There is only one ski resort there so you won't have to choose. (The next nearest ski park is in Ashland OR). It has great beginning slopes and intermediate slopes. I'm not a great skier but I'm pretty sure there are also advanced runs. They also have lessons. You could probably search on the web for contact info/phone to set this up. The ski park also has music on weekend nights. You will find everything you need on Mt. Shasta Blvd. for rentals and ski passes. I think the best place to get stuff is right across from city hall on Mt. Shasta Blvd., I think it's called The Fifth Season? The resort is out on Highway 89 heading towards McCloud. There is more to do if you stay in Mt.Shasta in terms of restaurants, book & art stores, movie theater etc. I've heard great things about the Strawberry Inn which is by the nursury. There is an outdoor ice rink up by the High School for skating if you'd like to try that. On the way to the Ski Park there is an area called Snowman's Hill which, depending on the amount of snow, is great for sledding. There is the Mt. Shasta sunset dinner train which might be running now (I think they close during the winter) and you can catch that in McCloud. You can go to the old ski resort and check out the view and play in the snow, that road is behind the high school. There is also tons of hiking and other outdoor excursion stuff. The entire area is low key and definitely less crowded than anything you'd find at Tahoe. The restaurants that have become popular lately are all ''ok''. The better ones are Magdalena's in Dunsmuir and the Trinity Cafe on Main Street in Mt. Shasta. You can also check out the Mt. Shasta golf resort which has a great view, has a restaurant and is out on Old Stage Road, heading to Castle Lake and Lake Siskiyou. One other area worth checking out if there is not too much snow on the ground is Castle Crags, south of Dunsmuir. Enjoy yourself! It's a great area. Lisa