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Sept 2008

My cousin will be coming with his family (four kids 15-4 years old) to San Francisco around New Year's and wants to stay in a hotel in the city. Any recommendations for family friendly and reasonably priced accommodations? Nadia

Not sure what their price range was, but the Argonaut in Fisherman's Wharf is about $150/night. We stayed there once and really liked the unique rooms, hotel, and actually had a lot of fun being right in Fisherman's Wharf to walk around and do stuff. There's great places to eat around there. Otherwise if that's too much, I would recommend looking into hostels. Argonaut fan

We have had great luck renting houses and apartments via Have rented them in Manhattan, Santa Cruz, Tahoe, Monterey and Russian River so far. I am sure there are tons of rentals in SF and since they are homes for rent by the owners...they are usually very family friendly (and easy as there are kitchens, bath tubs, etc). We have even had places well child-proofed (which is good with a 2 and 4 yo). Nikki

August 2008

I am walking in the upcoming Breast Cancer 3-Day 60 Mile in San Francisco. The camp is most likely going to be at Crissy Field in SF. I cannot camp and need a hotel recommendation that is in the general area of Crissy Field. Anybody out there know of a good clean reasonable hotel near Crissy Field?

There are a number of hotels on Lombard Street and in the Fisherman's Wharf area of San Francisco. Lombard is a bit closer to Crissy Field, but only by about 5 minutes. If you do a Google search on Hotels on Lombard Street SF you get a list of them. A couple that came up are: THE FRANCISCO BAY INN 1501 Lombard Street, San Francisco, California 94123 415-474-3030 | Toll-Free: 1-800-410-7007 and the Heritage Marina Hotel 2550 Van Ness Avenue ? San Francisco, California 94109 (415) 776-7500 | Toll-Free: 1-866-714-6835. There's also Comfort Inn by The Bay 2775 Van Ness Ave. , San Francisco, CA, US, 94109-1497 | Phone: (415) 928-5000 Fax: (415) 441-3990. if you do the Google search, you get the links to their websites and you can check the amenities. Jennifer

June 2007

My two grown sisters are visiting in July for five days and bringing my mother who is blind. I am looking for a convenient and nice hotel(or housesitting) in SF. We usually stay in Union Square but it's a bit overwhelming for my mom so I'm seeking something more off the beaten path. I would be grateful for any suggestions. Thanks. Anne

Check out any of the Kimpton Hotels (new leader in the Boutique Hotel industry): Especially Hotel Monaco....See pictures of each (all quite different) at Fun, each different.... enjoy today. Sister

Dec 2006

For Christmas I want to take my husband to a restaurant, the theater and then spent the night in a hotel-- all in San Francisco. The next day we will go to the De Young. The goal is to be tourists--April in San Francisco. Can anyone recommend a good hotel. I am clueless. Janet

I didn't see the Palace hotel mentioned in the archives you linked to your request. The Palace (some people call it the Sheraton Palace) is one of the oldest SF hotels. The rooms are beautiful, and both restaurants are great. The Garden Court is not to be missed during daylight hours (brunch?) with its beautiful paintings and glass ceiling. Maxfield's has a happening bar scene you may want to hit after your show. It's on New Montgomery & Market. You can take the new F-Line trolley, a bus, or a taxi to your dinner/theatre destinations, and, you know, really no hotels are close to the De Young, so you're on your own there. My husband and I did this a couple of years ago for a symphony/dinner date and really had a great time staying at the Palace anon

What kind of experience would you like to have? If you want a small boutique hotel (which I think would be more romantic), you might consider the Campton Place or the Huntington? If you want to stay at one of the grand luxury hotels in the city, there are places like the Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, and Mandarin Oriental. There are lots of great choices in SF. I'm a travel consultant in Berkeley - David

We like the Four Seasons, which is on Market St, between 3d and 4th. Very modern and elegant, with a great location for shopping, transportation, etc. We stayed there 2 years ago in September and did the tourist thing--very fun! Tracy

Re: Place for one-night getaway in SF (March 2006)
The Argonaut Hotel in Fisherman's Wharf is my new favorite get- away spot in SF. We went there purely out of just trying to find a reasonable place to stay for an overnight getaway and it ended up being really nice for so many reasons. The architecture and interior design of the hotel and hotel rooms is very cool and the rooms are fun, unique, and made for a romantic kind of setting (dimmers on the lights and things). They give you a CD to play with some nice local artists and we opened a bottle of wine from the minibar. We then got our coats and walked around and found a nice spot to eat. It's also a Kimpton Hotel which means they offer spa services, so we planned ahead and had massages in our room after dinner. The whole night was great. When we booked I thought it would be kind of lame being in a touristy area, but it ended up being fun and we could kind of pretend that we were on a mini-vacation.
Argonaut Hotel fan

Re: Wedding night romantic getaway in the Bay Area (March 2005)
The Majestic Hotel. It worked for us before we moved here. Lovely butterfly collection, great bar, great restuarant..wonderful appointed rooms with four poster bed & fireplace.

Re: Wedding night romantic getaway in the Bay Area (March 2005)
The Clift Hotel at the bottom of Nob Hill on Geary St. is a lot of fun. I spent my wedding night there. We had a suite which was worth the splurge. The decor is very modern, but the rooms are super nice. They treat newleyweds very well too. We spent the following morning walking around Nob Hill. anon

Re: Wedding night romantic getaway in the Bay Area (March 2005)
My Husband and I were given a one night stay at the Sherman House as a wedding gift. It is a beautiful, small hotel in San Francisco's Pacific Heights area. Our room had a fireplace with a canopy bed. It was warm, cozy, elegant and very romantic.
A perfect gift

Re: Wedding night romantic getaway in the Bay Area (March 2005)
My husband and I love the San Remo Hotel in San Francisco. It's a romantic, European-style building not far from the touristy Pier 39 area. The prices are affordable, and they have a very private ''Penthouse'' on the roof level of the hotel for only $155/night. The website is: Hope this helps, good luck finding the perfect getaway for your friend! Jessica

Re: Romantic Getaway for Couples (March 2003)
My husband and I recently spent a weekend in SF at a B and B called the Chateau Tivoli @ 1057 Steiner, between Golden Gate and .....can't remember the other street. It was a lovely place. It's an old restored Victorian with a very interesting history. It has about 13 rooms, all named after famous people (The Enrico Caruso, the Mark Twain, etc.) and decorated very beautifully in that period. The prices start at about $95.00 per night and go up. They have beautiful 2 room suites, or smaller rooms with or without private bath. The breakfasts were yummy and very lovely at a long table for about 12. We went out for dinner on Friday eve (walk to Japan Center so you don't have to look for parking when you get back) and on Saturday we walked all over the city, down to the theatre district, got tickets for a show that night, walked to Yerba Buena Gardens, went into stores, ate, etc. AFter the show we took a cab back. It was a wonderfully romantic weekend (without kids of course) and I can't recommend the Chateau Tivoli more highly. Have fun. anon

I couldn't agree more with the Chateau Tivoli recommendation. My husband and I just spent the weekend there and it was absolutely delightful. The weekend breakfasts were plentiful and the suite (major splurge but well worth it) we stayed in was so cozy and beautiful we spent little time away. We parked our car on Friday night and from there we cabbed to dinner that evening ($6, including tip, to the Civic Center), walked to Japantown the next day and then took the 22 Fillmore to Chestnut for Saturday evening. Because no one was checking into our suite on Sunday night, we got to stay all day. I can't wait to go back. (Thanks to the person from the digest who originally recommended this to us) Shoshana