Birthday Venues in San Francisco

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Sept 1998

I have a file on parties (!) but even with all this info, I'm still looking for a place to have a 4 year old's party that's convenient to the southern part of San Francisco (we live in Glen Park) and indoors (November!). Here's what I know of: information as of Fall '97, via phone calls (haven't tried most of these myself):

  • **SF Recreation Dept.: various community centers around the city. Phone Charles Holmes 415-831-2797. They can send you a list of centers. last year it was $45-$55 for 2 hours plus $30 for staff salary if the facility is not usually open that day (such as Sundays). Facilities vary. for small kids, Upper Noe is great because there are lots of toys and play structures they allow you to use. Book as far ahead as you can.
  • **The Jungle (555 9th Street) $11.95 - $17.95 per child, 10 kids minimum. 415-552-4FUN.
  • **SF Zoo (outdoors); $12/participant (INCLUDING adults; $5 if adult is a zoo member, kids under 1 free; includes cake, ice cream, juice, plates/utensils, favors, hats, zoo key, carousel ride, admission to main zoo (but not children's zoo?) 415-753-7114
  • **Purple Crayon, 4th Avenue at California $150 up to 10 kids, $10 each additional kid; 2 hour use of studio, teacher and art supplies; or $225 for 10 kids including refreshments? (an art center so it's an art party) 831-0693
  • **Fort Mason - just a space, tables & chairs; a 1500 square foot space big enough for 50 people $14/hour, plus $35 cleanup, plus security deposit, no kitchen facilities. an even bigger space for 90 people, $17/hour, $35 cleanup fee. call 441-5706
  • **Gymboree (small kids only, ages 1-4) $150 for 1 1/2 hours rental up to 15 kids includes teacher. 776-2111

The various free parenting newspapers have ads for other places but not so many in San Francisco.I'd love to hear about others to add to my file! Corliss