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Places to stay in Sausalito

Re: Wedding night romantic getaway in the Bay Area (March 2005)
The Claremont Hotel is a fairly traditional choice in the East Bay - but my money's on the Inn Above Tide in Sausalito. Every room sits right on/over the water, providing a simply spectacular view. There's valet parking, so being in the heart of the Sausalito shopping district isn't a problem. The staff is friendly, warm, and helpful. And then there's the biggest selling point: the beds. Oh my! I've stayed a lot of places in my life, including the Claremont, but I've never slept in such a plush and cozy bed. And for a romantic getaway, something that makes it even harder to get out of bed in the morning isn't a problem. :) Kathleen

Re: One-night getaway on the Marin/Sonoma Coast (Oct 2003)
We were looking for something similar for our wedding anniversary last spring and we found in Sausalito, at The Inn Above Tide. It's in town but off the main street and right on the water, so the views are brilliant. We got to our room and weren't happy that, although facing the water, our balcony was also facing the walkway next to the small harbor - so they upgraded us to an even bigger room with an ENORMOUS balcony, at no extra charge. The rooms were tasteful and serene, with a large bathtub and a fireplace (complete with rolled newspaper at the ready to start things going). As well, they have a complimentary wine and cheese reception in the early evening - and are quite generous with the helpings of wine! We were there midweek, when prices are a bit lower (not terribly cheap there but well worth it!!!!!!!) and it wasn't fully booked (making our upgrade easy) so I can't speak for the weekends. However, it was beautiful, right in town for a little walking around, dining, shopping, etc., and the room was gorgeous - although we spent most of our time in the fluffy bathrobes on our tremendous bayfront balcony. Give them a call - well worth it! Andrea