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Reasonable hotel in Rome

March 2009

Any recommendations for a reasonably priced, centrally located hotel in Rome? I will be there for several days by myself in July. traveler

I like the Hotel Smeraldo in Rome, which is in the Campo dei Fiori area. Completely updated and private. Lovely bakery and cafe right across the way and within walking distance to most of the major sites. We did not chose the breakfast as part of the hotel cost, and were glad. Their prices went up a bit last year, but I am willing to bet they are more reasonable this year! Bring ear plugs--small hotels are often located on tiny streets, which means lots of mopeds coming and going. sarah

My favorite hotel for the price was always hotel in parione, near the Campo de' Fiori. I lived near there for a year, and I was convinced that it was literally the best 50 meters in the entire city. It's on the cheaper side, but it's not a total dive, as most cheap backpacker hotels in central Rome are. It has much-needed A/C in summer, for instance. It's where everyone who visited me while I lived in Rome used to stay, and they were all very happy with it. Enjoy Rome! Amy F

Try looking at - great resource for family travel, I've used them a couple of times and have always had great results. jk

Family trip to Rome

Nov 2008

Hi - My family wants to go to Rome this summer and I have been charged with dealing with the logistics. I need advice as to how to go about planning a trip for 8 adults and 6 kids ranging in age between 6 and 1 year old. The focus is Rome but we are also interested in wandering the local area. I usually make my own travel arrangements when we travel but I am open to working with a travel agent if anyone has a fabulous recommendation for me. Thanks for your help. Roaming around with kids

Our family (2 adults, an 11 yro and a 8 yro) went to Rome this spring and had a great time. I recommend you stay in an apartment (you can search on the internet) near a place of interest such as the Campo dei Fiori or Pantheon. Plan on lots of walking and try to get to places first thing in the morning to beat the lines or crowds. There's a great book called Rome with Kids that has lots of wonderful suggestions for activities. My older kid, who is interested in history, loved walking along the Tiber and seeing the Temple of Hercules and Castel Sant'Angelo. He also really enjoyed the Museum of Roman Civilization out in EUR -- lots of models of ancient Rome, battles, great [boy?] stuff. I love Rome and could go on and email me if you'd like to talk further. Brenda

Hotel or Apartment in Rome

March 2007

My husband and I are traveling to Rome in late April and are looking for a place to stay. We are trying to decide if we want a hotel or an apartment. The hotels are very expensive in Rome and even a modest one is $350 per night. My husband is tall so a tiny hotel room won't cut it. The apartments are a more affordable option but many of the good one's are already booked. Can anyone suggest a good/great hotel or apartment in Rome. We would like to be within walking distance to some sites as well. Grazie!

We stayed during last easter in a wonderful apartment hotel, very close to Piazza Navona and within walking distance to many interesting places. It's called Palazzo Olivia, Katri

Few years ago we were in the same situation and ended up in Tivoli, just outside of Rome in a beautiful quiet town rich with history. Had a great time at the Hotel Villa D'Este We took a commuter train into Rome in the mornings, returned late afternoon and really enjoyed the peace of the town where antique Roman bathtubs serve as wall fountains or flower boxes on the side streets. Have a great trip! anon

There is a great newsletter and website that would give good leads for a family friendly apt in Rome - They take the ''for women, by women'' approach to travel. I found an apartment in Rome, with washing machine, 6 years ago using their classified listings and was very satisfied. And its just fun to read their newsletter and ''armchair'' travel. Ms. Travel

Hello, if you're interested in renting a flat -- I'd highly recommend Old Town Apartments. We just came back from a vacation in Madrid and rented a great flat from this company on the recommendation from my best friend who used them for a flat in Barcelona. They have flats in Rome that look great. Check them out -- The prices are reasonable, the staff is very friendly and helpful -- and if you're computer friendly, it's easy to ask questions via email or Skype. Loved our Madrid apartment....

A decent/inexpensive hotel/hostel in Rome?

Oct 2006

My daughter (in her early 20's) who is travelling in Europe with a girl-friend would like a recommendation for an inexpensive but decent place to stay in Rome, Italy for three nights while visiting that city in October. Thank you all so very much L.

First, go to the bookstore (bring a piece of paper and pen) and find Rick Steve's book, ''Rome 2006'' or ''Best of Europe 2006'' guidebook. Or better yet, buy the book. Look up his suggestions, then go to and read reviews. Another suggestion (without leaving home) is to go to and look up hotels in Rome. Again, then go to and read reviews for individual hotels listed. Kathleen

Rome with a 22-month-old

Aug 2006

We are going to Rome and then the island of Sardinia with our son who will be 22 months old, in October. Any recommendations of family-friendly places to stay and child-friendly things to do in Sardinia (places to visit, restaurants, etc)? Also, we have a place to stay in Rome already, but if you have suggestions of things to do in Rome, that would be great as well. Thanks! ct

When you are in Rome, you MUST go on a tour of the Vatican and see St. Peter's Basilica, if nothing else (and this coming from a nice Jewish girl!). has a good entry for St. Peter's Basilica, including some great pictures, if you want an armchair tour before you go Lori

Trip to Rome with girlfriend

April 2006

For our 50th birthdays, my best friend and I will be travelling to Rome the last week of March. Would appreciate any suggestions for places to eat and where to shop (not Prada, thank you...!). We have all the cultural stuff covered, so just want some off-the-beaten path suggestions for the other things to do. Has anyone done a Sunday on the Appian Way? Any general suggestions of how to make the trip a success would be appreciated (do's/don'ts). I have not been to Italy in 20 years. We will be staying in the Campo dei Fiori area and we will be there for a week. Grazie!

Try to make reservations at Restaurant Pietro, Via Pianelleri, 19, Rome. 7 tables only, get the house apperitif, behind piazza novona, by St Agostino church. Recommended to us by Parco de Principi Hotel. We went twice during a long weekend visit. We loved the laid back ambience, attentive service, reasonable price tag, and of course the food. karen

Going to Rome with a 20 month old

April 2004

We will be flying to Rome in June with our 20 month old son and are looking for recommendations to stay either near Rome or in a city semi close to drive to or take the train to. In our ideal world we'd like something with a bedroom, main room and kitchen. We'd consider the Amalfi Coast but aren't sure how close it is and I've heard it's not super child friendly. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Stephanie

If you're flying into Rome you're probably flying into the airport at Fuimicino. The last couple of times we stayed at a hotel right in Fuimicino instead of dealing with the traffic in Rome. Fuimicino is a fishing, beach town. You can walk to the beaches (some public) and lots of restaurants and gelaterias. You can take a short train or taxi ride to Rome. Unfortunately, the taxi ride can be a little expensive ($40+ each way), but then you don't have to deal with the traffic and parking. Watch the crazy taxi drivers though... Italy lover

How exciting for you. We went to Rome with our 12 month old in October and LOVED it. The Romans really love kids: in shops, restaurants, etc. all were really kind and engaging with our son.

I really recommend renting an apartment. There are lots of agencies who can arrange everything for you (the apt, airport transfers, crib, cell phone, etc.) We ended up renting through and stayed at Pasquino: great price, FANTASTIC location near Campo de Fiori/Piazza Navona where there's lots of good stuff happening. I wouldn't recommend Pasquino--brick floor, a lttle dirty. Friends of ours rented from and got a place called Botticelli in the same area and it was an awesome apartment. Both were fully equipped so you could easily do breakfast in, pack a lunch, do dinners in, too, if you want to break up your amount of restauranting.

In Campo de Fiori, there's an open air market every day where we'd get fresh meat, pasta, veggies, bread for meals. It's very central, not far to the trains for a day trip--which we never took because we were so busy seeing the sites in our 10 days there--we had our son on our backs the whole time and really made a good pace getting through the city.

There's a ton to see in Rome, I highly recommend it and can't wait to go back. Enjoy! loved roma

Reasonable Rome Accomodation for Nov.

Sept 2003

My husband and I would like to go to Rome for 11 or 12 days in November. Could someone please recommend a place to stay? We don't care if it is a hotel, apartment or B It cannot be too expensive. Please help. Thanks. PJ

There is this great website ''vacation rental by owner'' Friends of mine rented an apartment in Venice for a week through this site and were really happy. We also just recently rented a cabin near Mendocino through them. (and it worked out real well) Bea

If you don't mind sharing your home, we recently did a house exchange and it was wonderful. Checkout www.intervacon- We haven't heard of a bad experience yet ... only many many families that will only travel that way from now on (us included). Free stay, usually the use of a car, plus a great connection. m.

My husband and I stayed at the Residenza Zanardelli on a trip to Rome two years ago. It is a tiny B just a 1/2 block away from the Piazza Navona. It is in the middle of everything (the Coliseum is 15 - 20 minute walk one way and the Vatican is 10 to 15 the other way...the Spansih Steps are about a five minute walk from there...amazing location. There web-site is They also have a sister hotel (the hotel Navona, which isn't quite as nice, but still seems like a good enough place to stay) There website is saying 90 Euros per night for four nights. You can probably negotiate a better deal for a longer stay. The owner is an Australian-Italian and quite the storyteller. I loved my stay there and National Geographic Traveler listed it as one of 'Romes Affordable Rooms with 4-star standards.' Send me an e-mail if you want information on the other hotels listed in the article. Jan

Places to stay with 9 and 14 year olds

Feb 2003

I would appreciate recommendations for places to stay in Rome (near the Spanish Steps) and Sorrento during the spring break for two adults and two children (9 and 14). Hotel, B, villa or apartment would be okay. We're also open to other suggestions.

I visited Rome 10 years ago and had the oppulent opportunity to stay at The Hassler which is at the top of the Spanish Steps. I noticed a small hotel, with a lovely rooftop dining area just across the street. Unfortunately, I do not remember it's name but perhaps if you were to contact The Hassler Concierge desk they would help you. Also, you may want to try american express travel services they may be able to investigate it for you. On a side note, there is a wonderful tratorria located just under the Spanish Steps. As you are walking down, make a left on a side corridor of steps before reaching the bottom and the trattoria is immediately on your left. Courtney