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  • My parents are coming to town on Thanksgiving day and we're looking for a restaurant where we can have Thanksgiving dinner with them and our 1-year-old. She's generally good at restaurants but still a 1-year-old, and my father has problems hearing in noisy environments. Anyone know a restaurant that serves a traditional-ish Thanksgiving dinner (or at least vaguely autumnal), doesn't blast music and won't mind some food ending up on the ground (baby + holiday service = extra big tip of course)? The recommendations on this thread are long out of date. 

    Boy, I would say buy the package from Whole Foods instead, and eat at home. Thanksgiving dinners in restaurants are crowded and expensive. I have been before to the Claremont and Yankee Pier and just don't think it's worth the money.

    Just researched this last night myself. The Dead Fish in Crockett. I have friends who have been for there for Thanksgiving and enjoyed it. Also H’s Lordship in Berkeley does a Thanksgiving buffet that looks nice and easy to do with a baby. 

    We have a newborn, so we're skipping the family Thanksgiving this year in lieu of a quiet-ish night at home. We ordered a full, traditional meal from Rockridge Market Hall, with lots of leftovers, for about $100. 

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kid-friendly restaurant that serves a Thanksgiving meal

November 2001

Hi - I'm looking for a recommendation for a reasonably nice, kid-friendly restaurant that serves a Thanksgiving meal. Anyone have any recent experience, or ideas? This would be for a small group of people. I saw several recommendations on the web page, but am looking for more recent information, and East Bay only. Thanks, Susan P.

Last year at Thanksgiving, we had a huge crew in town to see our new baby. We ended up going to the Claremont for their annual Thanksgiving Day Buffet. The meal was huge, full of all the traditional items plus extra things, and if you wanted to, you could eat until you could not move. It was a lot better--and more fun--than I expected. It was also very expensive (my parents' treat). I have also heard good things about the Santa Fe Bar & Grill. And if you don't mind doing the dishes, you could get a meal prepared by someplace like Andronico's. Good Luck Carolyn

Baby due Oct - need restaurants for a large family dinner

November 1999

We've got a baby due at the end of October, and decided to focus out-of-town family visits on Thanksgiving weekend rather than cound on a parade of visitors over the course of time. But that means planning for a big holiday dinner, and I doubt either my husband or I will be in any shape to cook! Can anyone recommend restaurants in the Berkeley/North Oakland area that serve a good Thanksgiving dinner and where a large family might sit down together? Thank you.\\ Carolyn

If you are willing to drive into SF (and traffic is fine mid-day Thanksgiving) I heartily recommend the buffet at the Hilton. It's incredible (all the traditional favorites and lots more). My baby had his first Thanksgiving there last year. We've also done the buffet at the Claremont, but I did not like it nearly as well. Fran

Last year we ate at the Marriot in the Berkeley Marina for both thanksgiving and Christmas. they have a nice buffet. It also worked out well because our out-of-town guests stayed there, so we could swim and stroll around the marina at our leisure. Jennifer

For several years my family has enjoyed great Thanksgiving dinners at Salute Restaurant in the Marina Bay neighborhood of Richmond (Marina Bay exit off 580). They have great food and marvelous Bay views. On Thanksgiving they have a set menu that is a mix of traditional turkey fare with Italian twists - like pumpkin ravioli as a starter. The restaurant has many rooms and large tables for big groups - a large enough family group could get its own space (still open to the other rooms and the water views.) After dinner you can stroll along the marina to work off dinner. LoraB