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Oct 2004

Re: Berkeley meets Club Med Family Holiday Place?
If you don't mind paying for it -- Alisal Ranch near Santa Barbara is a beautiful and restful place, with great activities -- hiking, horseback riding (beautiful trails, and hundreds of horses it seems), tennis, golf, hiking, fishing even I think. We met up there this summer with parents and two families with 7 kids ranging from 4 months to 11 years old. The kid activities are, admittedly, better for older kids (crafts, etc) but they do offer babysitting for little ones . And the food is very good -- not a wildly inventive menu, but delicious, fresh and healthy food for a group of pretty demanding eaters. They have a website, you can take a look. anon

Family Reunion at a Ranch?

Feb. 2004

My five brothers and sisters and their kids are coming West this summer, and we want to go somewhere interesting for ages ranging from 3-75. My sister suggested a ranch somewhere. Has anyone gone ''ranching'' for a family vacation, and if so, are there any not so hugely expensive? I looked quickly on the Internet and the prices I saw were 1200$ per adult per week. Gack! Thanks for your thoughts. allison

Have you looked into Coffee Creek Ranch? It's in the Trinity Alps, about five hours drive north of the Bay Area. It's a great place for families. Our family is going back this summer for the third year in a row. We've seen many extended families and family reunion there. it's still pretty pricy (about $1100/adult/week), but that price includes everything--nice family cabin accomodations, three huge and delicious meals a day, activities like swimming, fishing, panning for gold, hay rides, evening activities and dances, and so much more (trail rides are extra during some months). Plus there are counselors for the kids and lots of great, supervised, age-appropriate kid activities. When you add it all up, the rates start to look pretty good. You can see more at Carolyn

Family Reunion at a Ranch?

March 2003

Has anyone had a family reunion at a ranch in any part of the US? We're looking for a place that can accommodate 10 adults and 14 kids ages 2-16. Thanks Wendy

You might wan t to check out Tanque Verde Ranch outside of Phoenix AZ. Adam

Friends of ours went to the Mayan Dude Ranch in Bandera, Texas and loved it. Their number is (210) 796-3312. Ann

I've been to conferences at Westerbeke Ranch in Sonoma County and Alisal Ranch near Solvang. They both have hosted family reunions and were wonderful places to go for conferences... Belinda

My family has gone to the Tanque Verde Guest Ranch in Tucson, AZ. They've got a kids program for kids starting age 4. Kids can eat in their own dining room or with their parents, and have all sorts of activities they can engage in, from riding lessons to tennis to a crafts room. The ranch is primarily a dude ranch, so there is lots of horsey activity for the whole family. They also have a nice outdoor pool, indoor pool, and other amenities. The ranch is pricy, but all food and activities are included in the room price. Oh, and unfortunately the food is very middle America: okay for most guests, but not that wonderful is you are used to Bay Area standards. Carolyn

If you all are interested in outdoor activities, you might enjoy Tanque Verde Guest Ranch in Tuscon. My family (parents and siblings) has gone there 3 times over the winter holidays and we all have a great time. They have lots of horseback riding and hiking, as well as nature walks, mountain biking, and tennis. They also have swimming pools and hot tubs. There is a childrens program for ages 4-12. The last time I went my son was 2, and we had a nanny come in from town (found through a service) for about 4 hours each day so that I could ride or do a strenuous hike, though I hiked with him in the backpack too. The weather in Tuscon is pretty nice at that time of year, though it's not exactly tropical. Check out their website -- -- or feel free to contact me if you want any specific info. Tara

Jan 2003

Re: Grandparent-Friendly Family Camp
I would encourage you to look at dude ranches. My family has taken grandparents in wheelchairs, teenagers, and kids to ranches in Montana and Wyoming and everyone had fun! Ranch accomodations range from superluxurious to bunkhouse. Here are a few web sites to explore: Connellan