Parks in Hayward & Castro Valley

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Parks with carousels?

Nov 2011

Re: Where to take carousel-obsessed toddler?
Kennedy Park in Hayward Surprisingly quick drive - takes me approx. 25 min from Rockridge (esp. considering it takes 30 min to get to Little Farm/Tilden). And they have a train too.

Enclosed parks in Hayward, CV, San Leandro?

Oct 2010

Hello -- Anyone know of which parks in the Bay Area are the best enclosed for 3 crazy toddlers? I'm specifically looking for Hayward, Castro Valley and San Leandro/San Lorenzo.

I called HARD (Hayward Area Recreation & Park District) and was told 'none of our parks are enclosed.' That is not technically true as there is an enclosed sand area with swings and slides at the Castro Valley Park (near the community center.)

Thanks, Emily - Mom to almost 3 year old triplets

Though I haven't stepped foot in one since seeing 'Super Size Me,' McDonald's does have enclosed play areas. When I had two kids under two, that is where I went. I believe the Washington Manor Park tot lot located in the southwest end is enclosed ( The Play Cafe is in Oakland (, though near the San Leandro border. Feeling your pain

In San Leandro, there is a new, clean, enclosed play area for pre-schoolers at McCartney Park. The park is on Sunnyside Drive near Breed Ave (behind Washington Elementary School). It's usually not very crowded and the families I've met there have been very nice and friendly. enjoy!