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Where can I perform classical piano pieces?

Oct 2013

I'm a mom who resumed playing piano after a long hiatus. I've worked hard, and have pieces that are shined up and polished to a sparkle. However, my teacher doesn't give regular recitals, and my house is too small to accommodate a musicale, so I'm stuck for places to perform. It's like all being dressed up with nowhere to go. I'd happily play a program of 30-45 minutes for free for a willing audience with a decent piano. Doesn't have to be all classical, either; show tunes and 40's-ish popular music are in my repertoire, too. I've occasionally played at retirement homes, which is very rewarding, but the classical pieces don't go over well there. Any suggestions? Vanna Cliburn

Avonova in Oakland, 417 Avon Street (outer Rockridge) is a great performance space (someone's house)turned into concert space. Great grand piano and sound equipment, etc. Seats about 40 or so. \xc3\x82\xc2\xb1. It's pretty informal. Also the Sound Room in Oakland, http://www.soundroom.org/ Two great venues to rent for a concert. Good luck and have fun. June

Not sure how far you are willing to drive, but Stanford Hospital has this amazing music program. They have an atrium with a piano, and when someone is playing, it can be heard on 4 floors of the hospital. Truly beautiful and appreciated by all, and a perfect fit for classical music. My experience is as part of the audience, so I don't know how they select performers (I assume the performers are volunteers, for which many are ever grateful). The contact information is on this website: http://stanfordhospital.org/forPatients/patientServices/musicprogramGuestServices.html

Hello - it's kind of you to want to share your talents with others. My friend plays the piano at Kaiser Oakland in the lobby sometimes - I think it is the newer building on Broadway, but I have also heard people playing at the Kaiser Fremont facility. Hospitals are such tough places, so much going on, and I know walking in or sitting and listening to some beautiful classical music would be VERY healing to many people. I encourage you to get in touch with Kaiser to see about that volunteer opportunity - and thank you again for wanting to share! love classical

Musician Corps http://www.musiciancorps.org/ sounds like a great organization...I wonder if they could use your help? Music is a gift to share

Piano recital for 25+ students


I'm a piano teacher with 25+ students and need a good room for our December 17, recital. I usually rent the big room at the YWCA on Bancroft Way but they will be closed on that weekend. I'm looking for a pretty room, where my students, their families and I feel comfortable, with a reasonable grand piano. There will be ~70 people. A church sanctuary wouldn't work. I once was told about a room on Euclid Ave which can be rented out to neighbors (?) but I couldn't find out any details about that. Any recommendations? Susanne

I think that both the Brazil Room in Tilden Park and the Bancroft Hotel's function room have pianos. I'm not sure if either is a grand. Maybe the UC Berkeley music dept. has a room? Mary

The place on Euclid is undoubtedly the Maybeck Recital Hall, at Euclid and Hawthorne. Lovely place. Another possibility might be the Hillside Club on Cedar...can't recall if they have a piano. You might take a peek in the Here Comes a Guide book (find it in the library) which lists places to have events, large and small. Good luck! Natasha

How about the First Unitarian Church of Berkeley, in Kensington? As I recall, they have a large fellowship room with a piano in it, that might meet your needs. I don't have the phone number off hand, but I know you can find it in the phone book. Dawn

You might try the Berkeley Piano Club on Haste Street or The Crowden School. All my recitals were at the Piano Club when I was growing up. St. John's Church is a lovely place for a recital. It is not at all like most churches. My son did a voice recital there. There is a grand piano and the acoustics are very good. All the church related items are removed for musical events, so that the front like a stage with a piano on it. It has been used for BHS's Concert Chorale concerts, Young People's Symphony Orchestra concerts, chamber concerts, etc. Schuyler