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  • West Point Inn with 5-year-old?

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    I used to love going to West Point Inn, but haven't been able to go since my daughter was born given the long walk into the place. My daughter is now 5 and I'm wondering if she could do it now. I realize it varies by child, but just wonder if anyone else have done the walk with a small child. Or would it be feasible for her to ride her bike on the trail? I don't remember very clearly what the trail is like. Or a jogging stroller? Thanks.

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June 2009

Samuel P Taylor State Park Campground in Marin is full every weekend in August! What is the best way to get a reservation? Does anyone have a reservation they won't be using? There's 3 of us with a tent? We're Desperate to Camp

It's not Samuel P Taylor, but there is a first-come, first-served campground in Marin, on Mt. Tam, and we just camped there this past weekend. It's called Pantoll Campground, and if you get there in the morning (like, by 10 a.m. on Fridays) you'll be able to get one of the 16 sites, unless you're thinking of either 4th of July weekend or Labor Day. (In my experience the advanced-reservation campgrounds in state parks within easy driving distance of the bay area are reserved for all the weekends in the summer months by the end of April, FYI. Not to rub it in; I'm rarely organised early enough either which is why I know about the first-come, first-served ones.) Cory

Mountain Home Inn

This has the advantage of being a lot closer--Mountain Home Inn in Mill Valley--but it's not really in Mill Valley, but right on Mt. Tam. Very romantic and great hiking. The cheapest rooms are not cheap and are tiny, but w/o kids, a small room is ok! And the room was charming w/ a lovely view. Great breakfast included. Deborah